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A quarter of the world’s population is at home at the moment. If you’re reading this, likelihood is you’re among them. Yes, it’s necessary to stay safe inside to guard ourselves and others – however that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. Time out might have changed its name to time in for now. This is why we bring you the best “What To Do When Bored And Stuck At Home In Quarantine” list. Let’s jump to it.

Clear out some stuff – and give it away to charity

The entire world is in pain right now. So first thing first: help others as much as you can. When all this will be over, if you turn up plenty of clothes and other objects in good nick that you don’t want anymore, make sure to start a giveaway pile to donate to a charity. There will be a lot of people in need.

Hit the gym in your living room

Doing a daily workout during lockdown has suddenly become a whole lot easier. Classpass, the fitness-class app that previously allowed you to book into sessions in bougie gyms across the world, has just released 2,000 fitness video and audio tutorials for free. The sessions span yoga, HIIT, boxing, strength training, barre and loads more – all you have to do is sign up via the app or website.

Learn how to cook or cook something new 

If there was ever an opportunity to spend more time experimenting in the kitchen, this is it. After all, you’re likely to be pretty much stuck there for the foreseeable. And hey! No one can blame us for our love for the kitchen during these times. Just make sure to hit the livingroom gym after. Here are some awesome ideas I found on the net.

Lose yourself in a coloring book

To try and make lockdown a little more bearable. Art is where the home is, so immerse yourself into amazing coloring books that will keep you busy for days. I have rounded up a few ideas but possibilities are endless.

Get some fuzzy vibes going with a feelgood movie

As we know pretty well by now, real-life and current affairs can really get you down. For many of us, Netflix is the antidote and escapism we need from daily life. However, with so many titles to choose from, it can be hard to know which films will leave your spirits high. I, personally will go with another run on Friends, especially now that new season will be filmed,

Calm the F down with a meditation app

Serenity seems pretty hard to come by right now, but you can breathe a sigh of relief: whether you’re a fully-fledged meditation guru or totally new to it all (and, tbh, a bit confused by the hype), we have a plan. Flick through app store and find your favorite – because an app can put you in the right frame of mind when a stick of nag champa just won’t cut it.

Stay inside, stay safe

That is it, folks, for my list of “What To Do When Bored And Stuck At Home In Quarantine”. At least that is what I`ll be doing. This is not a joke, ma girls. Stay safe, be safe and keep others safe. This is a good time to stay the F away from each other. But everything will be ok!


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