Tattoo Inspiration for 2020 – OWNSKIN

There are plenty of tattoo alternatives available, as well as the possibilities continue to grow if and when you choose to design your very own ink. As 2020 is on the horizon, think of the new year as a time to obtain that tattoo you have always wanted. Maybe upgrade an old-style you have outgrown or try out a brand new artist. There are many tattoo related possibilities looming on the other side of January 1st. Therefore why not simply go for it? Whether you would like to obtain that trendy tattoo you watched on Instagram or even ultimately get that matching ink together with your significant other. Here is all of the motivation you have to visit confidently into the brand new year and towards the new tattoo of yours!

Precisely why not try out something new with your ink in the brand new year? Consider getting finger body art, which could be something from geometric designs such as these to far more intricate, tiny details. Additionally, you are able to continually hide them with rings in case you have to.

While this particular tattoo merely employs colored printer ink, the series thicknesses are diverse giving a layered impact over the bouquet. The hand design also provides the tattoo something extra so it is not just a regular floral design.

Snake tattoos are making a significant splash in the inked town, so think about getting the famous look as the new year starts! A snake armband is an excellent way to add depth and movement to an otherwise really stagnant design.

A bow and arrow design is a great way to pay homage to your strength, to your commitment to moving forward, or another fun detail about you. This tattoo uses floral details and colored-ink details to give the bow and arrow a more fantastic look.

If you’re interested in a popular hand design but want to personalize it, try praying hands tattoo. It`s never out of style!

Want a floral design but tired of the same old arrangement? Getting a band of flowers around your calf is a unique placement, and this design uses shading and heavy blackwork to add detail.

If you like flowers but don’t want a typical rose, pick one of your favorites! This design is all irises, and the sketch-like linework and the large size make it feel personal and breezy.

If you’d prefer less dark linework and more colors, this cherry blossom design is the perfect mix of watercolor design and realism. The pastel colors make it feel dainty, while the shading and thin outlines make it feel true to life in terms of design.

Butterflies are a common tattoo at this point, but a great way to customize your creature is by attaching it to a specific design style. Here, the butterfly has a very geometric feel thanks to the crisp lines and no filled-in sections.

Whether you’re a Scorpio or just a fan of creepy-crawlies, scorpions are bold and impactful design ideas. This one relies on crisp linework to make it pop, considering it’s otherwise fairly simple.

If you’re someone who can’t stop moving — whether that means you can’t stop traveling or you can’t stop exploring — a paper airplane is a whimsical tattoo idea. Its simple design makes it easy to replicate and personalize however and wherever you want!

Sometimes a tattoo is all about expressing your love for something permanently. If you want something small but meaningful, behind the ear is a great placement idea — it’s intimate but intriguing.


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