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It’s sad to admit, but I truly neglected my underwear collection all 2020. With loungewear firmly dominating last year, all of my fancy dresses and pants were sort of shoved to the back of the closet, and suddenly intricate lingerie didn’t feel like much of a priority. But as we all know, good underwear is the workhorse of any wardrobe, and I’m looking to redeem myself here in 2021.

In the spirit of January’s unofficial motto of “new year, new me” I decided to do a full-on purge of my lingerie drawer, and rebuild my collection of panties from scratch. Fortunately, revamping was as simple as clicking over to Amazon, Nordstrom, and Target for a quick browse. If you’re like me, you have different underwear for different occasions; thongs and seamless styles to avoid visible panty lines, pretty panties to feel fancy, and cotton or full coverage briefs for when comfort reigns supreme. Below, I’ve put together a list of all of the pairs I’m buying now to replace my undies of yesteryear. Cheers to new underwear, and happy purging! 

Airy, breathable cotton is the foundation of any good underwear collection. No, it’s not the most glamourous or cutting edge material, but when you’re lounging in bed or on your couch during a cozy night in, comfort trumps all. I like grabbing packs of multiples from Amazon because they’re basic and not fussy, but should you want something a bit fancier, Entireworld and Skin have options that feel a tad more luxe.

There’s a time and place for form over function, and that’s where pretty panties come in. Never underestimate the power of aesthetically pleasing underwear; others may not see them, but it sure does make you feel good. I’m currently obsessed with Baserange’s sheer checkered ones, and these lacy yet comfortable boy shorts from Hanky Panky. 

What they say about thongs is really true: you either love them, or you hate them. Even if they’re not your first choice of underwear, I’d say it’s practical to have a few pairs on hand should your outfit demand a nearly invisible panty line. For the reluctant, choose soft materials that feel light to the touch–it will make wearing them a way more pleasant experience. I’m a fan of Cosabella for nice-looking thongs, as well as Commando and Nubian Skin for flesh tone thongs that blend in underneath sheer bottoms or dresses.

Visible Panty Lines are one of my biggest pet peeves–it can make even the most sophisticated outfit look cheap. For this reason, I’ve heavily embraced seamless underwear. I love a good stitch-free silhouette because it’s pretty much guaranteed to look undetectable, but Baserange’s seamed stretch bamboo briefs are also inconspicuous and feel heavenly. 

I will gladly be that person to shout their love of granny panties from the mountaintops. They’ve endured a bad reputation, but the “granny” panties of today are so much different than the ones your mom may be used to. For one, some now come in more seamless designs as well as smooth, silky fabrics for ultimate comfort. Target’s Auden line makes one of my favorite styles and at only $5 I can buy multiples without reservation. 

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New year, new me.
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