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So you’ve decided to try your hand at grooming your brows on your own. It may sound like a daunting task for beginners, but taking care of your brows at home is totally doable with the right tools, and what better time than now to polish up your skills?

After you’ve narrowed down the basics (Are you simply touching up your brows, or are you reshaping them completely? What shape is best for you? How much plucking is too much?), the next step is to decide on the best grooming tool. Those who’ve had brow mishaps can assure you that it’s a crucial step you don’t want to overlook.

The perfect eyebrow tweezer is easy to grip, is precise, and can snatch up even the most microscopic of hairs. Many tweezers can get the job done, but the tweezer tip you land on depends on your brows and your brow goals. ICYMI, there are actually more tweezer tip types on the market than some may realize, so consider class in session. Ahead are the six key tweezer types, the best tools in each category, and tips for picking the one for you.

Pointed tweezers are the sharpest brow tweezers you’ll find, so you’ll only want to use these with a steady hand. They may not be best for newbies, but they will be great for grabbing even the shortest of your brow hairs.

Of course, Target is home to super-affordable beauty products. Japonesque’s tweezers are hand-sharpened, so this one will grab every hair, even the ones you can barely see.  Many beauty editors stand behind Tweezerman, and believe us when we say it’s for good reason. This one, in particular, is complete with a protective coating that allows for greater durability and that makes it all-around easier to use. Plus, if you’re a gold person, imagine how cute this will look on your vanity. We love a sleek, black beauty tool. With these, you can grab that stubborn hair in one quick motion.  There are so many hidden tweezing gems on Amazon (as with everything). Aside from your brow maintenance, you can use these for extracting blackheads.  

Slanted tweezers are a bit of a lead player in the game of grooming tools and are likely the brow tweezers you’re most familiar with. They are easy to work with, are great for beginners, and can do virtually any job your brows need. You’ll find that the flat side of the tip will allow you to grab more hairs at once and that tweezing with its slightly pointed corner will allow for a bit more precision. 

Regine Switzerland’s tweezers have amassed a cult following much like Tweezerman’s. Even Kristina Rodulfo, beauty director at Women’s Health magazine, advocates for their magic. “It has the best grip and precision of any tweezer I’ve tried,” she tells WWW. “It could even grab the tiny, wispy hairs on your arches, so you don’t have to grab at them more than once.” Pro tip? Rodulfo likes to tweeze her brows in front of a mirror with a 10x magnifying glass for the ultimate accuracy. You absolutely should try this at home. This super-chic option is a favorite of Stephanie Saltzman, beauty director at Fashionista. “This stainless steel, intensely grippy tool lets me grab onto each hair, even barely-there regrowth, with precision,” she tells us. This is probably the most convenient tweezer you’ll ever see, eliminating the need to whip out a separate brush tool to help you decipher which brow hairs you need to tweeze. Tweezerman’s Mini Slant Tweezer is, as you may have guessed, the brand’s little sister to its signature Classic Slant and is a go-to for Khalea Underwood, beauty editor at The Zoe Report. “I rarely touch my brows, as I prefer them to be on the bushy side,” Underwood tells us. “But when they really get out of bounds, I use this baby to clean up underneath my arches and between my brows.” She adds that the slant allows her to easily work against her brow bone. Additionally, the size of the tweezer makes it perfect for transporting and tweezing on the go.

The rounded tweezer tip is another option for plucking multiple hairs at once. If you find yourself tweezing one hair at a time for far too long with a slanted or pointed tip, give this option a go. Further, its rounded tips are like built-in training wheels, eliminating the risk of hurting yourself while you’re trying to get those brows in shape.

These are great for a quick touch-up and come with a leather pouch for safe storing. This cutout design isn’t only cute, but it also provides a better grip to help with brow plucking. These tight-clamping tweezers will leave you with effortlessly plucked brows. Plus, they’re super budget friendly. Staleks’s round tweezers are complete with a smooth finish, so no need to worry about them scratching your skin while you’re getting the job done.

Some people just want the best of both worlds—that’s where the pointed-slant tweezer comes in. Operating just as it sounds, as a hybrid between a slanted and pointed tweezer, the dual-technique tip allows for greater control and precision when caring for your eyebrows.

Look no further for the tweezer that will pluck every last hair without a fight. This pointed-slant tip gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to brow maintenance, and you can’t beat the price. Tweezerman describes its pointed-slant option as the “all-in-one tweezer,” and we couldn’t think of a better name for it. Let’s be honest—tweezer designs only get so creative. However, Slice’s brow tweezer not only looks cool in your cosmetic pouch, but it also boasts a wide handle that ensures you don’t have a slip-up.

You may not see these often, but flat-tip tweezers are yet another great alternative for those looking to pluck multiple stubborn hairs at a time. If you’re looking for two tools in one, you can use this as a false-lash applicator as well.

This Tweezerman option is ideal for those with thicker, coarse brows who still want to be able to tidy up their brows quickly. The flat-tip design on these tweezers makes for extra stability. No mess-ups here.  We all like to believe we’re grooming experts, but this tweezer will actually make you feel like you are one.

The arched claw tweezers provide superior accuracy when taming those brows. Its handle typically lends added balance and a strong grip, while its unique claw shape allows you to see your individual brow hairs more clearly while working.

Say goodbye to those hard-to-get hairs after you grab these. For anyone with sensitive skin, this arched claw tweezer is equipped with gold tips so those with metal allergies can skip the dreaded irritation. Morphe’s beauty products are must-haves, and its tweezers are no different. The brand recommends grabbing these for both your brows and false-lash application.  Next up, My Eyebrows Doubled in Size After Making These Six Sneaky Changes

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