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The common phrase, “out with the old, in with the new,” is the epitome of my mindset as we enter 2021. There is nothing better than the liberating feeling of leaving the past in the past and moving forward with a clear mind—and closet. As someone who has proclaimed my love for closet clean outs, I thoroughly enjoy creating a fresh start for my wardrobe in late December, starting with giving away the fashion items that no longer serve a purpose. 

From retiring skinny jeans last year to officially giving away all of my leather shorts the year prior, each year I decide what to give away and which wardrobe essentials are worth keeping. And this year’s closet cleanse is no different. Though I feel like I have gone through a thousand closet clean outs this year due to my move from New York to Miami, I am still overwhelmingly excited for my final clean out in 2020. Ahead, I’m revealing the ten fashion items that won’t make it into 2021 (at least for me)—and the pieces that I deemed worthy of keeping. And of course, if you’re like me and implement the rule of one thing in, one thing out, there will always be room for shopping. 

I went through a major phase of wearing daytime frocks, but there comes a time where you simply need to move on. And I’m pleased to report that I have moved on to lace slip dresses—the perfect item that can be worn beyond the bedroom.  The perfect lace slip dress does exist.  There’s always that one wardrobe item at the end of the year that you have worn to death, and for me, it’s the chunky knit sweater. I’ve officially over-worn it. However, I am undoubtedly keeping my thin knit dresses (and praying I don’t over-wear these in 2021 because they’re so flattering).  Say hello to my 2021 at-home work uniform.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: 2021 is the year of plaid trousers. Over the last several weeks, plaid pants have redeemed their popularity, taking over my Instagram feed. I have no choice but to put aside my pinstripe pants, because I only have eyes for plaid these days.  A more neutral plaid pant, if you will.  The overall mood in 2021 is teeming with positivity; so what better way to usher in the New Year energy with bright-colored glasses (literally and figuratively)? It’s not that I hate my aviators, I am just trying to keep my wardrobe edited; therefore, I will be giving them away.  Cream is a color, right?  There’s no denying tie-dye had a moment this year. I am not ready to say goodbye to it completely, but I am ready to tone it down—enter the subtlety of pastel tie-dye. I’m giving away all of my bold tie-dye pieces and only keeping muted, less obvious tie-dye numbers. The epitome of the “subtlety of pastel tie-dye.”  Complete the set: Blair Pant ($188) I’m never going to be a bold earring kind of gal, but I am ready to retire my classic gold hoops for a structural pair—and in gold, of course.  Happy holidays to me, from me.  What’s the point of a boring crewneck sweater when you can indulge in dynamic, peek-a-boo cut-out tops? I’m so excited to say goodbye to my mundane pieces and embrace the fun of the cut-out top.  The ultimate top for virtual meetings in the new year.  To be frank, I never really loved flat sandal slides. Because I’m shorter (and have extremely flat feet), I tend to wear heels more often—even lower ones. In 2021, I have vowed to no longer keep fashion items I never even liked in the first place, and I am sticking to the pieces I already know I love.  Maybe it’s my latest obsession with bright-colored accessories, but I am loving this orange.  Though this is a bit dramatic, this is where my head was in my closet cleanout—if it’s not pink, I don’t want it right now. While I’m not giving away all of my colored pieces, the colors that weren’t pink definitely had a hard round in this cleanout.  Everyone needs a pink suit.  I don’t know about you, but my blouses barely saw the light of day in 2020, ultimately proving I don’t really need them. However, it’s totally worth keeping perhaps the most versatile wardrobe piece, the shirt dress.  I love the way this drapes on the body and borders the line of baggy and fitted.  Up next, find out the 6 winter trends that have officially expired.

New year, new closet.
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