Natural Cosmetics – Clean, green, and everything in between – OWNSKIN

Natural cosmetics are the last trend in beauty and fashion. These are starting to gain more and more popular because they are oriented to products with natural, organic ingredients. The concept of natural started to be present in our choices for the benefits that they have on our skin. Natural cosmetics are clean, green and everything in between.

What Are Natural Cosmetics?

What are natural cosmetics? Cosmetologists are considering natural resources as those made from natural materials of plants, animals, or mineral origins; acquired by defined procedures. This implies that the individual resources are isolated from natural materials, through physical ways (including filtration, distillation, drying, etc.), or also by enzymatic or microbial methods.

The skin is our biggest organ, representing 16% of our body weight. Besides the external factors which can affect it (rain, sun, temperatures, pollution, wind), the skin suffers from other factors over which we have control: hygiene, food, and type of skin products that we use.

Women, in particular, use a big quantity of cosmetic products every day: face creams, shower gel, body lotions, shampoo, etc.

The statistics show that women use, on average, 12 different products for skincare and cosmetics every single day, which contain 168 different chemicals, according to Environmental Working Groups (EWG), a non-governmental organization from the USA. Preservatives, perfumes and other toxic substances that are contained by synthetic cosmetics can generate many types of diseases. Experts demonstrated how almost 60% of those substances that we apply on our skin is absorbed in our sanguine Flux and carried away through our entire body.

Why Use Natural Cosmetics?

Like a diet has multiple benefits for our health, the same goes for natural cosmetics. They can have an amazing effect on our skin.
Here are some reasons why you should use natural cosmetics:

  • no chemicals or synthetic ingredients, which are toxic to humans and the environment and the risk for allergies, irritations and other reactions are reduced considerably.
  • high-quality natural compounds
  • cruelty – free, not being tested on animals
  • more efficient because they have high-quality ingredients. To easily understand the differences, we can compare it with food. High-quality food is obtained from high-quality ingredients and not from low quality processed ingredients. So bio cosmetics contain the best selection of compounds and bring real benefits to our skin.
  • no synthetic perfumes. A complex combination of chemicals can imitate almost any natural perfume. Lots of products have compounds that can irritate the skin and lead to allergies. The best way is to choose for naturals perfumes that your skin agrees.
  • a big number of products don’t contain or contain a small number of nutrients, so the real benefits for our body are almost null. Bioproducts contain essential vitamins like vitamins A, E or C which, in time, improve our health.

Better safe than sorry

We will likely never conclusively know the effects of years of daily use of these chemicals. It’s impossible to study in a controlled way, and the sheer number of ingredients we use daily makes it difficult to ever pinpoint a toxic smoking gun. But some argue that’s the whole point.

The chemicals from usual products hide the problems for a while, but they don’t treat the cause.
In conclusion is more efficient and healthier to use bio cosmetics made from natural ingredients, that are helpful for hydration, tonifying and calming the skin.