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2020 Bag Trends That Are Hot? We got you covered, girl! Over the dreadful winter already? I hear you. Since the warmer months of spring technically begin on March 19, you don’t have to wait that long to pick a jumpstart on shopping for a trendy new bag! On the spring 2020 runways back in September, designers showcased plenty of distinctive, cute designs that’ll offer you tons of inspiration if you’re in the accessory searching mood. The excellent news is that now that the season is nearly here, all the trends are striking your favorite stores and available to buy like now. From drawstring designs to additional structured cube bags, there is an overplus of designs to choose from regardless of what your aesthetic is.

Give these spring bag trends a glance so you’re within the fashion ~know~, and if any of ’em strike your fancy, shop them below! Also, match that fancy new bag with some nails that are in style now.

2020 Bag Trends – Sling Style Bag

The sling bag is no longer just for travel and comfort—these are some seriously pretty styles you can wear every day.

Women sling bag Elephant canvas

Amazon – 24.68$

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The cloth is relatively soft and may be folded and stored when not in use. Due to the handcrafted process, printed flowers are not exactly the same as the photos. The strap only allows you to use it on one side.

  • Size:9″ (W) x 13.5″ (H) x 5.5″ (D)Strap: 52″The strap can be adjusted in length based on your height.

GUESS Factory Dane Sling Bag

Amazon – 44.99$

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This two-in-one bag has an adjustable strap so you can wear it on the shoulder or as a crossbody. You’ll def want this guy with you for all those upcoming summer concerts.

2020 Bag Trends – Tiny lil` Thing

The perfect bag for your daily essentials: a credit card, your AirPods, and, of course, your favorite lipstick.

Rebecca Minkoff Micro Moto Satchel

Rebecca Minkoff Micro Moto Satchel

Amazon – 118.99$

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Sure, micro bags are tiny, but they’re a perfect size if you’re a minimalist. This one is petite and adorable, but packs a punch with how much can fit!

Primo Sacchi

Amazon 44.95$

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2020 Bag Trends – Vintage-Looking Bags

Dreamy bags that might otherwise look outdated get a modern update. And they are coming back fast!

Rejolly Women Vintage Kiss Lock

Amazon – 25.99$

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The SAK Silverlake Crossbody

Amazon – 149$ 101.21$

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2020 Bag Trends – Statement Buckles

Sit tight, relax, and buckle up for the season ahead with these huge details.

LA’FESTIN Leather Tote

LA’FESTIN Leather Tote Handbag

Amazon – 66.90$

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ZAC Zac Posen Eartha Iconic Convertible

Amazon – 315.46$

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I have seen better looking buckles than on this one, but none of them had the FUR. It`s simply too cute not to have. AND it turns into a backpack. How awesome is that?