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Ready or not—the latest barely-there trend is officially taking its place in the fashion world and, honestly, we’re here for it. Clearly, it’s the year of barely-there dressing since we’ve seen trends like G-string bras and lace-up midriffs take off, and now it’s time we introduce you to the next chapter of the revealing trend, what we’re calling “napkin tops”. (Yes, they’re exactly what you’re thinking.) They basically involve a simple piece of fabric in the front and thin straps that tie up in the back and fashion people are 100% pulling them off.

I’ve been following this trend for a while and now that there are enough examples and shopping options, I’m confident these are definitely a thing. The designs from indie brands like Trois, Stone Label, and Subsurface were the first to flood my Instagram feed and now more and more brands are putting their spin on it, meaning there’s something for every style and budget. Scroll down to see and shop the 15 best backless tops.

Remember the scarf tops of the ’90s? This trend is like those, but better. Pictured: Trois Ruby Top ($85). It’s not hard to see why the name “napkin top” applies here, right? The crinkled texture reminds me of a tissue or cloth napkin. Pictured: Subsurface Silk Tie Top ($210). You know it’s a napkin top when there’s nothing but razor-thin straps in the back. Pictured: Stone Knitted Halterneck Top ($300). EmRata just wore the black version of this top in NYC, so it’s officially celeb-approved, too. The only thing better than this skirt set is the fact that it also comes in ivory and black. When it’s way too hot out to handle, all you need is a little piece of fabric, anyway. Pictured: Subsurface Silk Tie Top ($210). The thinner the straps, the better the top. I don’t make the rules. Pictured: Subsurface Silk Tie Top ($210). These silky versions are straight out of the ’90s. Pictured: Natalie Rolt Virgo Crop Top ($140). Fashion people love to wear them with loose trousers and a strappy heel. Pictured: Subsurface Silk Tie Top ($210). You know it’s a napkin top when there’s nothing but razor-thin straps in the back. Fun fact: Jenny Walton fashioned her top out of an actual doily and some pieces of string and I’m inspired to DIY my own. Pictured: Cult Gaia Rosa Draped Open-Back Silk-Organza Top ($240). Plot twist: just wait until you see the front (just scroll down). Pictured: Trois Ruby Top ($85). Truly the top that started it all.

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I’m so into this one.
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