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I love an oversized moment as much as the next person, but when it comes to my outerwear, I’ve always preferred a cropped length. Especially in everyday wear, the silhouette makes for more versatile styling options, as a larger fit option can tend to take over the whole body. And as someone who’s only 5”3, I need the length where I can get it.  Since shorter jackets cover less, there’s more opportunity to play around with the rest of your outfit since it’ll be more visible. I personally love to pair cropped jackets with a tee and a midi skirt but trust me, there’s a variety of styling options to choose from.

If you’re also a fan of shorter outerwear or simply want to give the cut a try, I scoured through the sites of your favorite retailers to find the best options in a selection below.  Don’t worry, I still have a love for my long and slouchier jackets, but fashion wouldn’t be any fun without changing it up a little every now and then, would it?

If you weren’t a fan of the oversized plaid jackets, this one’s for you. This looks incredibly cozy. How good is this shade of purple? If you want to get that morning run in when it’s a little chilly. Ganni’s bringing the fun to outerwear with their color choices. I’ve never seen a fleece jacket so chic.  Your new favorite leather blazer. I wouldn’t want to take this off. This will go with almost any outfit. Fun fact: every denim jacket I own is cropped.  Puffer season isn’t going anywhere yet. This will make even the simplest of outfits look cool. I saw this on TikTok and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Perfect for light layering. If it’s green, I want it. It’s simple as that. So ’90s. I’m very tempted to add this to my cart right now. Calling all cozy girls. I love anything with shearling detailing. Green is a neutral in my book. Everyone’s favorite puffer comes in a shorter version too. I never thought chocolate brown and blue would pair so well together, but here we are. Not your average leather jacket. This Gen-Z loved brand has a solid variety of patchwork jackets for you to choose from. Cropped blazers are trending more than ever. Parisian chic. Adding this to my dream wardrobe. Next: 25 Cool Finds I’m Obsessing Over Right Now

Find your go-to outerwear pick.
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