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Just as age is nothing but a number, Instagram follower count doesn’t always reflect a person’s fashion savvy. Everyone loves following Instagram celebrities like Aimee Song and Jeanne Damas (hence their multimillion follower count), but they’re far from the only incredibly well-dressed women on the platform. 

To prove it, I set out to find the coolest fashion girls with less than 10,000 followers (besides myself… kidding, but not really). To say I struck gold would be an understatement. The seven ladies below cover a wide range of sensibilities, from a neutral minimalist who loves monochrome to a vintage lover with grandma-chic vibes. Scroll down to get to know them and, of course, follow them. 

Loïcka describes herself as a freelance stylist, but she darn well looks like a model to me. She’s based in Paris and has a wardrobe full of neutral colors and sharp tailoring. 

Given her cool style, it’s no surprise that Miso is a stylist. She can pull off a mish-mash of looks, from a poufy dress to chunky loafers. 

Mollie’s Instagram handle, @tallblackandbeautiful, pretty much sums it up, right? She’s a model who tosses in some fun outfit pics when she’s not sharing her campaign work. 

If you love minimalist, easy-to-re-create, and super-chic outfits, Alysse is your girl. She gives me Jeanne Damas vibes. 

Nikita is a fashion editor at Popsugar and has a colorful, youthful wardrobe you’ll be obsessed with. Come for the outfits, stay for the celeb cameos

Isabella is an artist, designer, and creative director based in New York City. Her style gives me vintage, grandma-chic vibes. Think pearls, frilly collars, patchwork vests, and more. 

Laura lives in London and wears plenty of tried-and-true fashion-girl favorites like Ganni, Prada, and Zara. 

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