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Well, 2020 has sure thrown us some curveballs. While there were plenty of trends we fully expected to happen this year, we still find ourselves surprised by a few newcomers that have seemingly arrived out of the blue. With everyone prioritizing loungewear these days, the latest trend to hit the scene is one that’s comfortable, easy, and a little unexpected: bloomers. Yep, bloomers are the new underwear trend that’s gaining steam and you’re about to understand why.

Historically, bloomers were long shorts to wear underneath skirts and dresses, but the modern-day iterations translate to charming ruffled lounge shorts and shirred underwear. Less literal bloomers, more bloomer vibes. Get the idea? To see what I mean, I’m sharing a multitude of outfit photos and even some recent runway evidence that showcase how bloomers are evolving into a loungewear and lingerie item that actually makes sense for 2020.

Although more of a micro-trend, bloomers did, in fact, pop up on the spring runways this year. At Khaite, they were part of a three-piece plaid set and appeared ready for a warm-weather getaway, while Tibi’s gave off more of a vintage feel with their below-the-knee hem.

This image is actually what sparked the idea for this story. Here, Camille Charrière wore a pair of the Khaite shorts that read as literal bloomers. One commenter even called them “diaper shorts,” which made me laugh. Cute but controversial. Now, this is a summer lingerie trend if we’ve seen one. Shirred briefs aren’t technically bloomers, but they give off that comfy, loungy bloomer vibe, if you know what I mean. The dainty floral print and bow ties really make these the ultimate vintage-inspired pair. When you want to step out in them, throw on an opened button-down on top to complete the look. Throw on a big sweater and you have the ultimate cozy-cool look to wear at home. I’ll be the first to admit that smocked lingerie pieces aren’t the most practical for wearing underneath clothes, but dang do they look cute on their own. Not every pair has to look quite as literal, and these lounge shorts are a good example. The ruffle hem makes them resemble bloomers, but they’re a little easier to wear. Brands like Le Petit Trou are basically experts in these smocked lingerie styles. The smocking details that we usually find on top and dresses this time of year have officially found their way into the lingerie section, and the pieces couldn’t be any prettier. One more because this lounging-in-bed look is everything.

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There’s a new lingerie trend in town.
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