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Even though we’re big fans of stalking celebrities and identifying the exact skin elixirs they swear by for maintaining a fountain-of-youth glow, we’re also very much aware Hollywood can skew our sense of skin reality. Sure, our favorite members of the A-list are getting older and wiser as the minutes tick by just as we are, but they also have a team of experts at their beck and call and are sent tons of truly amazing products for free.  Of course, there are some outliers (like Drew Barrymore—bless her) who regularly take to Instagram to openly and honestly chat about their favorite beauty finds, but we also love seeking out the advice of women who don’t have access to rejuvenating skin treatments and professional makeup artists. (This is where combing through honest reviews and ratings comes in super handy.) Everyone has different skincare needs and not everyone in their 50s has the same goals, concerns, or priorities. Plenty of people deal with breakouts and congestion as they get older, and some people don’t give a flying hoot about fine lines and wrinkles. So we did some deep-digging and pulled together a list featuring 28 top-rated skincare products among women in their 50s on Dermstore’s website. Broken down by product category first and then narrowed further by certain types of skin concerns and/or skin types. The most discerning of 50-something Dermstore shoppers have spoken. Keep scrolling for the unanimous favorites. Average rating: 5/5 stars, 902 reviews. If you’re a fan of cleansing oils (or are thinking about adding one to your routine), look no further. This top-rated pick is the one that you want, according to shoppers in the 50-to-60 age range.  “This is my go-to cleanser at the end of the day when I remove my make up. The oil smells great, and it completely takes off all my makeup. My skin feels dewy and soft after cleaning.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 615 reviews. More of a micellar-water type of person? We hear you. For those who go bare-faced or wear less makeup, dunking a cotton pad or toning cloth in this cult-favorite formula is an easy and soothing way to take the day off your face. This happy 50-something shopper even went as far as to title her review “My Holy Grail.” “This was my first micellar water, and it’s the only one I will ever use. My skin has become very sensitive, prone to redness, irritation, dryness, and daily breakouts. Within only two days of using Sensibio H2O, my skin was clear and healing from months and months of damage.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 614 reviews. If you’re looking for a gentle gel cleanser with some mild exfoliating properties, women in their 50s say this is a great one to add to your regimen. It has a light nudge of exfoliating AHAs from glycolic acid, which boost cell turnover, balance pH levels, and deliver a radiant youthful glow. “This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist,” explains one savvy reviewer who claims it as her all-time favorite cleanser. “It is light, effective, and thoroughly cleanses my skin. I have used it for years and have received so many compliments on my skin—and I am in my mid 50s!” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 481 reviews. This lightweight exfoliating elixir might just be Dermalogica’s most popular products—especially amongst women who are looking to maintain healthy, youthful skin even as the years tick on. The below review we spotted on Dermstore’s website is the ultimate proof!  “I am in my mid-50s but still have oily skin, so an exfoliant scrub several times a week helps keep my skin looking fresh. This microfoliant is gentle yet effective and doesn’t leave behind a residue. I will be a faithful user.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 313 reviews. Touted as illuminating, soothing, and incredibly hydrating, this moisturizer is spiked with luxe calming ingredients like arnica and mallow extracts along with hyaluronic acid. Reviews say it’s a game changer for dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin in particular.  “It leaves a completely matte appearance and is AMAZING for reducing the look of your pores,” gushes one Dermstore customer in their 50s. “I couldn’t believe the significant change in my pores after only a few uses.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 340 reviews. Although this is a splurge and Dermstore reviews did point out that they wish the size of this jar was tad larger considering, the magic this highly rated moisture potion imparts can’t be ignored. If you have normal skin, this top pick is a surefire bet and worthy investment. Just see this short-and-sweet review we spotted! “Absolutely amazing stuff—my skin feels 10 years younger.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 350 reviews. This is one of the most nourishing daily face creams on the market, and it features an exclusive combination of vitamin E, nutrient-rich algae extracts, and a blend of botanical extracts. It’s highly recommended by all, but it seems to be a standout for those with combination skin, especially. “This is a great daily moisturizer for my aging, combination skin,” says one satisfied Dermstore shopper. “I purchased this for the summer months when I need a lighter-weight moisturizer. I use a retinoid at night and this helps reduce irritation, dryness, and flaking.” Average Rating: 5/5 stars, 375 reviews. As someone who is in her mid-20s and also swears by this dermatologist-approved moisturizer for keeping acne at bay, it’s a testament to how great of a product is that women 50 and older on Dermstore’s website are equally infatuated with this formula. “Even at age 53, I still deal with oily skin and some hormonal breakouts issues. This moisturizer does not leave my skin greasy, but it does leave it feeling moisturized. It has never caused any additional oil/acne-related problems.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 2,055 reviews. Name a more iconic serum. We’ll wait. With over 2000 glowing reviews, it’s no surprise skincare-savvy shoppers in their 50s swear by this cult-favorite serum to help treat any of their biggest skin concerns. And yes, it actually plays really nicely with ALL skin types but seems to be especially beloved by those with normal or combination skin types. “This serum makes my skin glow,” states one Dermstore shopper matter-of-factly. “A little goes a long way, so the cost is not an issue. This really makes my skin look tighter and brighter.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 424 reviews. Not everyone can tolerate vitamin C, but skincare lovers 50 and over seem to tout this professional-grade elixir as one of the top formulas for addressing common age-related skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, dullness, and dryness.  “I noticed a huge difference in my skin after using this product,” one happy reviewer shares. “My hyperpigmentation has lightened, my skin appears tighter, and it does not worsen my combination/oily skin. Love this!” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 615 reviews. Vitamin B5 is one of the most underrated ingredients in the skincare world. (Some experts even argue it’s more pivotal than vitamin C!) This top-rated formula encourages tissue repair, long-lasting moisture, increased radiance, and supple, plump skin texture. We love this review we spotted on Dermstore’s website. “I love this product. My skin looks much healthier and my fine lines are less visible! I combine it with the C E Ferulic, and l love the result!” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 427 reviews. Celebrities love this fan-favorite serum from SkinMedica, and turns out so do even the pickiest of Dermstore shoppers between the 50-to-60 age range. The magic is due to two unique active formulas that help iron away fine lines and wrinkles while regenerating new, healthy skin cells so your complexion retains a healthy and youthful finish. One loyal user even compared it to Botox in a bottle—see her Dermstore review below. “I was introduced to TNS from a friend who’s been using it for years. She described it as liquid Botox for the entire face. I thought I’d give it a try even after seeing how costly it was because her face looked so great. I’ve been using it ever since! I am 59 years old and often receive compliments on the appearance of my skin. TNS is an investment with obvious returns!” Average rating: 5/5 stars,497 reviews. With antioxidant-rich blueberry extract, restorative Pro-Xylane, flavonoids, peptides, and optical diffusers, this anti-aging eye cream is especially adept at targeting dark shadows and puffiness. The Dermstore shopper below even touted it as the best eye cream she has ever used.  “I love this eye cream. It’s nice and thick but never feels heavy, plus it lightens and brightens my eye area.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 314 reviews. This top-rated eye cream really does it all. It boasts an advanced complex of PSP growth factors that are especially strategic for repair, firming, and tightening.  “This eye cream truly illuminates the eye area,” explains one wowed Dermstore shopper. “It also helps to hydrate and soften the appearance of fine lines.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 235 reviews. This eye cream lends a helping hand to your eye area by increasing the production of collagen and elastin, using the body’s natural skin renewal process to firm, hydrate, and tighten far faster than most other eye care formulas. “I have deep creases on the outside of my eyes, but this product has softened them and I’ve only been using it for two weeks,” proves one satisfied buyer on Dermstore’s website. Average rating: 5/5 stars, 209 reviews. I’m 26, and I recently tried a sample of this hot-ticket eye cream from SkinMedica. I’m obsessed, and that ultra-impressed consensus seems to be far-reaching among Dermstore shoppers in their 50s as well. See below! “I have been using this product for a few weeks now and already see a difference under my eyes. My dark circles are almost gone, and the ‘crepe;-like skin under my eyes is improving too. I am a believer in this line, and I’m also pleased with the value. It’s a great size jar for the price!” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 2249 reviews. I mean, the solid average rating and sheer number of reviews (well over 2000!) speak for themselves. This is one of the most well-loved SPF formulas in the industry, and the 50-somethings on Dermstore’s website absolutely concur. (Fun fact: It also comes in a tinted iteration, and if you’re prone to breakouts at ANY age, this is one of the few formulas that will keep your skin perfectly clear and congestion-free.) “This is the best sunblock for skin that tends to get pimples,” says one reviewer. “Actually, my pimples are finally under control, which has happened while I have been using this product. It smells neutral and is one of my best purchases.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 124 reviews. For those looking to even their skin tone and increase their glow, this physical sunscreen from SkinCeuticals is a top find. Dermstore shoppers in their 50s dub it as a holy grail must-have. In fact, this reviewer, in particular, says it makes her skin lool SO good the formula basically doubles as a foundation. “This product works so well on my dry skin. It adds a little bit of moisture, evens out my skin tone, and protects me from the sun. I can’t believe I didn’t discover it sooner.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 383 reviews. La Roche-Posay is always a top contender in terms of the crème de la crème SPF concoctions on the market. That said, this is the standout formula on Dermstore’s website. It won’t cause irritation and is a fantastic option for anyone with especially dry or irritation-prone skin.  “I’ve been using this product for a couple of years now—I’m 51 and have very dry skin and this is the perfect amount of moisturizer without a heavy scent,” gushes one fan. “I love that it has SPF 15 as well. I have never gotten sunburned while wearing this product.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 261 reviews. We’re big fans of this tinted, oil-free sunscreen from CoTZ. It primes and protects your face with a little bit of coverage and delivers a silky, matte finish. Here’s what one 50-something fan had to say about it: “I was pleasantly surprised with this sunscreen. I honestly had never heard of this brand and received a sample to try. I was hooked! The tint really isn’t visible on my skin, it just allows the product to sink in without a white cast. The silky, poreless effect it leaves is great as a foundation primer as well. And I love that it is mineral-based!” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 123 revies. Dermatologists and facialists are always telling us that face masks infused with clay and charcoal are the absolute best for vacuuming out oil and congestion. This five-star formula from SkinCeuticals is one of the unanimous favorites among shoppers with mature skin who still battle oil or acne. Here’s proof: “I use this mask one to two times weekly and feel like it helps control my oily skin. The product lasts a long time, which is a plus considering the cost.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 115 reviews. Most congestion-relieving face masks are rather ill-suited for sensitive skin types, but this beloved formula from Herbivore balances natural resurfacing ingredients fruit enzymes and white willow bark with calming additions like aloe leaf and redness-reducing blue tansy oil.  “This is a great product,” touts one reviewer with mature. “I have sensitive skin and suffer from redness. This calms my skin down. I’m new to Dermstore, but I’ve been impressed with the number of products available and how fast the shipping is—I will be back for more!”  Average rating: 5/5 stars, 100 reviews. Blackheads, whiteheads, angry red breakouts, enlarged pores—this dark horse organic face mask helps target all of the above. The hero ingredient is the probiotic yogurt (a key, natural source of calming moisture and skin-renewing lactic acid), but it has plenty of other amazing ingredients like cucumber, shea butter, marigold, kaolin clay, stonecrop, tea tree oil, and the brand’s signature BioComplex which features antioxidants, coenzyme Q10, and alpha-lipoic acid. Here’s what women with older skin are saying: “This is one of the best products that I have ever used! I love how my skin feels when I apply the mask, but I really love how my skin feels as a result of using it. It is a total luxury, and my spa-at-home go-to. I just can’t seem to get enough of it!” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 80 reviews. This cooling, moisture-rich gel mask from Peter Thomas Roth is one of the most recognizable formulas on the market thanks to its signature bright-green hue. That said, Dermstore shoppers in their 50s say it also works some serious sorcery on aging skin.  “I love this mask when my skin is dry or hot. It’s very soothing, non-irritating, and leaves everything plump and soft.” Average rating: 5/5 stars,106 reviews. We recently did a thorough investigation on the hunt for the best derma-rollers on the market, and not surprisingly, this affordable device was at the top of our list. Here’s why shoppers in their 50s go especially crazy for micro-needling devices like this one:  “I have really been able to tell the difference in the absorption of my other skincare products when I use this tool immediately before my several-step evening routine. Yes, it does feel odd, and yes, it stings a little, but when I think about the hard work it’s doing like plumping, smoothing, helping to produce collagen, I think it’s certainly worth it!” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 52 reviews. Yes, this ultra-buzzy tool is quite the investment, but considering its wide range of skin benefits, Dermstore reviewers in their 50s say it’s well worth the splurge. Essentially, it’s an anti-aging light therapy device that diminishes wrinkles, fights breakouts, and contributes to a healthier, more luminous complexion. “I am starting my fourth week of using this tool,” explains one review. “I have been using it daily after washing my face, and the fine lines around my eyes are already becoming less noticeable in this short time period.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 47 reviews. NuFace makes some of the most coveted skincare devices in the industry, but it’s this miniature-sized device in particular (which tones and stimilates circulation) that seems to be the top-rated find on Dermstore’s website. Here’s a super-happy customer review: “I’ve been using this device for about six months, and I can see the difference!! It exercises your facial muscles, and hopefully it will help prevent skin sag.” Average rating: 5/5 stars, 39 reviews. For anyone who’s not looking to get injections or even try micro-needling but wants some of the same plumping, tightening, and lifting, perks sans needles, here’s an option. In a nutshell, this tool replicates the kneading and massaging technique you’d get from a professional facial and contributes to a firm, toned complexion.  “I was skeptical when I first saw this product,” notes one honest Dermstore reviewer. “But, I decided to try it and boy am I glad! I religiously use this device every day and saw results in the first week. My mother asked if I did Botox or something. I do not like needles near my face, so this a great alternative and I would definitely recommend.” Up next: Use This Underestimated Skin Tool, and Your Fave Products Will Be More Effective


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