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JLo is #goals in so many ways: her incredibly fit physique, her fierce determination, her smooth, perfectly bronzed skin (hello JLo glow!)—the list goes on. Though the singer, actress and beauty maven does occasionally post a makeup-free selfie—she also said in a recent interview that Alex likes to snap funny pictures and videos of her bare-faced while cooking, etc. at home—seeing JLo wash her face has an entirely different effect.

In a recent IGTV video, the A-lister removes a full face of glam—”stage makeup,” as she calls it—with the cleanser, That Hit Single Gel-Cream Cleanser ($38), from her new skin-care line, JLo Beauty. “I like to put a little bit of water on it [her face] first,” she says in the video, touching her face. “It [the cleanser] has a beautiful texture…it looks like a pinky, pearlescent color—it’s gorgeous. I use the size of like a quarter. Then I wash it all off.” When asked if she can take off all her makeup with just that cleanser, JLo replies, “Yes, it’s an excellent, excellent cleanser. I also go down to my neck.” Once she’s done cleansing, she tells her viewers, “You can see a little bit of the redness that I have naturally [pointing to the area around her nose]; a little bit of what I have under my eyes. All the makeup is gone.”

From start to finish, it’s almost like seeing a completely different person emerge, and we’re all for it! See for yourself below, and keep watching after the cleanse, as the video also features JLo applying other products from her new collection.

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