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Aesthetic trends evolve as do the procedures that help make them popular. Today’s liposuction, while essentially the same treatment that has been helping patients remove hard to lose fat for almost a century, has evolved from the gold standard fat reducer to just one part of the puzzle that helps create contour, definition and a tighter look. According to Baton Rouge, LA plastic surgeon John V. Williams, MD, the new way to body sculpt is less about removing a large volume of excess fat, and more about making small adjustments that result in a dramatic improvement.   

Tone and Tighten
“We’re doing a lot of body sculpting, but we’re not just taking the fat out,” explains Dr. Williams. “We’re actually defining the muscles of the body, particularly in areas like the back, stomach, and hips where it can be hard to spot treat and define on your own with diet and exercise. I often use a combination of power-assisted liposuction and now we’re also incorporating BodyTite, a minimally invasive treatment that uses radio frequency to tighten the skin and give definition to the body.”

Added Definition
“We are able to provide more definition to certain areas of the body to give patients a tighter, more toned appearance. It can be anything from reducing fat underneath the breast and the ribs to give the chest a more defined look, to sculpting the stomach by targeting pockets of fat that are hard to lose with diet and exercise alone and giving the back of the arms more definition. There is a lot we can do these days that make a big difference in how the body looks overall.”

Stretch Marks and Sagging
Using microneedling with radio frequency, Dr. Williams says he can retexturize and tighten skin of the face and even on the body. This treatment can help treat stretch marks and sagging skin on the abdomen in the right candidates without the need for surgery. “With Morpheus8, we use radio frequency energy to provoke a healing response in the skin. By inserting radio frequency energy to tissue approximately 4mm deep, this treatment prompts and stimulates tissue remodeling that includes thickening and tightening.”

While the landscape of nonsurgical treatments continues to grow, it is the combination approach that surgeons like Dr. Williams are most excited about. “This new approach to body contouring is really about using all of the tools in your toolbox to deliver the best outcome and patient experience. Every patient has different needs, so having an artistic eye and being able to utilize surgical and nonsurgical modalities to redefine and rejuvenate the body is the absolute best approach.”

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