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Victoria Beckham is one of those celebrities whose style is recognizable from a mile away. Personally, I can go from a Little House on the Prairie floral dress to black combat boots in the same week, but rarely will you see Beckham throw you for a complete loop with her outfits. How would I describe her signature look? Sophisticated, minimalist, and grown-up, often with a business-y feel. Think suits, trousers, midi skirts, button-down shirts, blazers, and more.

Of course, VB is still known to throw it back to her Spice Girls days and wear a thin-strap mini dress á la Posh Spice, so I obviously had to include similar vibes. While Beckham often looks office-appropriate, she subverts the traditional business look with oversized silhouettes and fashion-forward details like ruching or tapering. Scroll down to see 5 Instagram It girls whose style reminds me of Victoria Beckham and recreate their outfits. 

On Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham blouse and trousers Trousers you will never get bored of.  VB loves a good tapered trouser just like Anouk Yve.  Beckham loves to wear sweaters with the collar of a white button-down shirt popping out.  You can quite literally style this a hundred different ways.  Just like Beckham, Sylvie Mus knows the power of a great layering piece.  I think VB would wear this layered over a turtleneck, but it also looks fantastic on its own. Beckham’s boot collection must be seriously spectacular.  Nothing says “classic” like a trench coat—especially for Brits like Beckham.  Beckham is also known to wear silky blouses under jackets and coats.  Fong Min Liao’s outfit is something I could picture Beckham wearing from head to toe. The most essential part of the look? A gray midi skirt.  A thin-strapped mini dress is a holdover from Victoria Beckham’s Spice Girls era.  Another Posh-esque option for summer.  Beckham is a fan of fuss-free pieces just like this.  Sarennya’s plaid trousers are very VB if you ask me.  Another ’90s look reminiscent of the Spice Girls.  Aida’s minimalist style aligns very well with Beckham’s. 

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