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At the top of the year, I like to do a deep dive into what I’m wearing. Organizing and consolidating my wardrobe surely helps, but there’s nothing like a bit of trend predicting to figure out which pieces make for a worthy investment. 2020 has been a lot of things–some of which include a few trends and styles I’d like to put on the backburner for now. “Real” pants–you know, the ones with actual waistlines and buttons–are making a comeback in high waist silhouettes and tapered shapes. But don’t be so eager to toss aside your sweatpants just yet; 2020’s reigning trend is still here to stay, but instead of the traditional jogger shape, I’m replacing them with sweatpants that incorporate an air of formality with tailored details. There are a lot more trends I’m placing on the chopping block for 2021, so read on to see which styles I’m ditching and which trends I’m welcoming with open arms.

In a traditional office environment, skinny trousers are essential, but now that working from home has become more commonplace, relaxed silhouettes reign supreme. Tapered pants offer up a cool shape that packs a punch even when paired with a simple white tee. 

Fashion has had a well-documented love affair with dramatic sleeves for seasons now, but for 2021, they feel exceptionally right on dresses. Puff-sleeves are the right amount of experimental sophistication without looking like a fashion victim.  

In terms of waistlines, 2021 is all about extreme opposites. Since low-rise jeans have proverbially entered the chat, dull mid-rise waistlines feel a little less exciting these days. We completely understand that low-rise pants are a bit controversial, so why not try the opposite extreme with high-rise pants? A paper bag waist adds an additional hint of fun.

Not sure about you, but I’ve had my fill of extreme coziness. It seemed like every piece of clothing in 2020 was constructed to be soft, fluffy, and stretchy. Well this year give me rigid shapes! Hard fabrics! Real waistlines! I’m down to embrace opposites this go around.  

Here’s a trend that proves you don’t need a revealing neckline in order to feel sexy. Instead, go for the unexpected with a high neckline and a daring thigh-high slit; it’s the perfect detail to showcase a pair of striking tall boots. 

I love sweatpants just like anyone else, but I’m a bit fatigued over the classic jogger style we’ve seen everywhere in 2020. To reinvent my casual style, I’m replacing them with sweatpants that add more tailored details like exaggerated elastic cuffs or waistbands. That way, they don’t look out of place whether dressed up or down.

With spring just around the corner it’s pretty instinctual to add an influx of delicate florals, but here’s the chance to do something more unexpected. Designers like Molly Goddard and Cecile Bahnsen do dark moody, voluminous dresses quite well, and their pieces have been a cult item among the fashion set. If you want to soften up the look add pearl earrings or a Tudor-style headband.

I know I gave fluffy layers the cold shoulder, but a bit of softness is still very much needed in the era of WFH life. Roomy, fuzzy cardigans not only look great on Zoom calls, but they’re also probably as close as one can get to pajamas without actually being pajamas. Juxtapose its softness with leather pants or rigid jeans.

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See which are on the chopping block.
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