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When it comes to pairing facial surgeries there is, perhaps, nothing that makes as much as a positive aesthetic impact as a rhinoplasty (aka, nose job) and chin combination. “Combining rhinoplasty surgery with chin augmentation has become a very common trend over the past decade,” says Short Hills, NJ facial plastic surgeon Alexander Ovchinsky, MD, who explains that, in some people, the nose projects out significantly farther than it should in relation to the rest of the face.

“In addition, an under-projected (small) chin can make the nose appear larger than it really is. Adding chin augmentation to rhinoplasty helps restore proper facial balance and provides patients with optimal facial harmony.” So, what does the dual-focused surgery entail and who makes for a good candidate? Dr. Ovchinsky breaks it down to these three factors:

In your opinion, are procedures that deal with “profile aesthetics” particularly popular right now?
The facial profile is a significant factor in facial beauty. Nowadays, with an overwhelming use of digital photography and “selfies,” people started paying more and more attention to look their best from all angles. The angle and shape of the nose and chin as they relate to each other determine how aesthetically pleasing one’s profile is.

What kind of results does a combo rhinoplasty-chin procedure deliver?
Combining rhinoplasty with chin augmentation results in a more well-balanced facial proportions, particularly on the profile view. It prevents so called over-reduction rhinoplasty in order to compensate for the weak chin.

Who is typically the ideal candidate for this type of procedure?
All patients with microgenia (small chin) who are considering rhinoplasty surgery are usually good candidates for rhinoplasty-chin augmentation procedure, and especially patients looking for reduction rhinoplasty (making the nose smaller).

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