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Throughout her career of iconic roles as Cher Horowitz, Batgirl and now serving a turn in Netflix’s The Baby-Sitter’s Club series, the mom, actress, author and activist has remained steadfast in her eco-conscious living and credits what she does internally for how she looks and feels today.

Green Goals
“My most highly recommended anti-aging tip is eating whole, plant-based foods,” says Silverstone. “Plants are delicious and full of life! I adopted this diet for the animals first, but the biggest surprise was how amazing I felt. I ditched my asthma inhaler, stopped my weekly allergy shots, lost weight and had a glow. I felt incredible, had more energy and it balanced out my moods. Since then, I have not needed caffeine, aspirin or antibiotics. The health benefits are truly immense physically, mentally and spiritually—softening your heart and spirit.”

“If you want to look young, eat your greens such as kale, bok choy, collards and watercress,” adds The Kind Diet author. “Also important are seaweed, miso soup, cultured fermented veggies, and a variety of whole grains and beans.” To further boost immunity, she incorporates elderberry from her myKind Organics line of supplements. “Immune health and wellness is so important. My Elderberry & Sleep Syrup ($20) combines organic lemon balm, valerian and chamomile to promote restful sleep. Elderberry is also known to reduce colds and sinus infections and helps to prevent the flu.”

Skin Staples
While the star says skin care has never really been her thing, now that she’s in her 40s, she admits she’s finally trying. “This aspect of self-care has never come easy to me. It’s not where I have focused my energy—I really look to food first. I get an extra boost from myKind Organics Plant Collagen Builder ($25), which helps restore collagen, keratin and elastin.”

For her daily routine, she reaches for clean, environmentally friendly brands. “I really like Body Deli Melon Foaming Cleanser ($28) and Goddess Garden Organics Erase the Day Purifying Clay Cleanser ($17). For toner, I use Tammy Fender’s Roman Chamomile Tonic ($60), and for moisture, I love Garden Apothecary Higher Ground Facial Serum ($108) because, just smell it, it’s divine. I also love The Everything Oil from Carter + Jane ($128). I’m really interested in how things smell and feel. I don’t want them to have a film or feel sticky as many do. When I get around to using a mask, Josh Rosebrook has a Cacao Antioxidant Face Mask ($38) that I really like. It is dark and muddy and smells yum!”

Class Reunion
On her YouTube channel, you can often find Silverstone picking vegetables from her garden with her 9-year-old son, Bear, making homemade, delicious vegan soups and generally living what she calls “The Kind Life,” a far cry from the vision of Cher Horowitz choosing her daily outfit from the world’s first virtual closet. Although she and Cher couldn’t be more different, the actress says she appreciates what the film and iconic role have meant to fans throughout the years. “I can’t believe it has been 25 years! No one knew what a cultural phenomenon it would be when it was made,” she says. “But I am thrilled that it resonates with so many people—even amongst a whole new generation. I have run into teenagers who gush over it, and it’s so fun. Cher was an obsession, as were Dionne, Amber and Tai—and the fashion! Clueless was a revolution for young girls at the time. It’s a staple of what the ‘90s represented: flowing out of grunge and into cute, girly fashion. I had over 60 costume changes, but that yellow plaid suit is iconic.”

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