The Outfit “Mistake” I Fully Embrace Now—Don't Come for Me – OWNSKIN

When I was growing up, there was one divisive dressing choice that was often considered an “outfit mistake”—wearing socks with sandals. It’s to note that wearing white socks with black dress shoes was also considered a “no” for many, although I love that vibe now. And the same goes for socks and sandals. While some may not be as into the look, I think the silhouette is quite chic. I also fully believe in wearing whatever you love, no matter what anyone thinks, so for me, going for socks and sandals is where it’s at.

I’ve actually been opting into the look for the last few years, and I’ve started going for it even more recently as the finishing touch to my loungewear silhouettes. For the most part, I’ve been going for white tube socks (typically Nike or Hanes) with either my Birkenstocks or Adidas slides. And I’m not alone. After scrolling through Instagram one afternoon, it became clear that many fashion people are also embracing this look as well. With all this in mind, I thought I’d showcase some of my favorite looks featuring socks and sandals. You’ll find the ensembles below, along with a range of inspired shopping inspiration as well.

Here I am in one of my WFH uniforms featuring those trusty white socks and black slides. A coordinating sweatsuit is effortless with white socks and sandals. Tuck leggings into thicker socks with your sandals for a cozy vibe. A graphic tee, joggers, socks, and sandals is a look that’s comfortable and chic. Another A+ joggers, socks, and sandals look for you. A monochromatic outfit made up of comfy pieces just works.

Next, check out more stylish ways to wear sandals with socks.

All about this vibe.
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