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We’re not sure what’s more predictable: moody nail polish shades like burgundy, navy, and eggplant for fall or feathery pastels like buttercup, robin’s egg, and mint for spring. We’ll let you debate, but we’d prefer to be a tad less predictable with our springtime at-home manicures this year. Nails are the ultimate fashion accessory when it comes to our beauty aesthetic, and even if you’re not one to swipe on a glittering lid, hot-pink lip, or graphic liner, a super-cool and unanticipated spring nail color is an easy way to step up your beauty game without feeling overly ostentatious. That said, if you want the lids, lips, and nails, more power to you.

It’s part of our job to be well ahead of the curve in terms of trends and launches, and we know the year’s celebrity and runway trends like the back of our hands. Therefore, I pinged every single fashion and beauty editor two very important questions—what nail color will you be sporting this spring and why? From creamy yellow to brown to a classic, “can’t fail” red, keep scrolling for 13 VIP spring nail colors you’ll spot on our editors’ fingers this spring. 

“When it comes to nail polish, I’m a creature of habit—I really only stick to a few shades like red, white, and pale pink. However, lately, pastel shades have been speaking to my soul. Pale yellow was a huge color in the fashion world last season and continues to be into 2021. This color is a spin on pale yellow but with a bit of an earthy undertone, so it really pops against neutral outfits (like my favorite black sweatsuit!).” “For my spring nail look, I’ll be reaching for a really light yellow that could almost be a cream. It’s part classic, part cool. A little cheerful but also sophisticated. Basically, it checks all my boxes and then some.” I know spring is largely considered the season to bust out the pastels, but I have to admit that I’ve never adhered to that rule. Powder-blue polish is fun every once in a while, but more often than not, I like to stick with darker polishes and just shift the hues from black and navy to more neutral tones like this beautiful earthy gray. “ICYMI, I’m recently infatuated with mauve. It’s cooler than ballet-slipper pink but is a little more whimsical than your average purple or gray. It makes a fantastic and unexpected neutral for spring, and this shade, Break of Dawn by LaPierre Cosmetics, is *chef’s kiss* perfection.”  “I used to get weekly manicures but have really leaned into low-maintenance nails recently. I’ve actually been loving the clean look of no-polish nails, but sometimes, I want something that looks a bit more finished, which is why I’ve been obsessed with using Boy de Chanel polish in Natural.” “In the fashion space, bubblegum pink hues are set to be huge this spring, but I’ll definitely be integrating the vibrant hue in my beauty regimen, too. I can’t wait to try this bold and charming hue from Olive and June that’s sitting in my cart right now.” “I usually go for classic red nails, but I feel like Barbie pink is a fun and happy color to try for spring.” “As cliché as it sounds, I’m a sucker for pastel nail colors in the spring. But rather than opting for lavenders, I’m excited to go a bit bolder with my nail hues this year and opt for a pistachio hue.” “Although I usually gravitate away from dark tones in the spring, this rich brown shade is really speaking to me. I like that it’s a neutral but makes a cool ’90s statement at the same time.” “I love gray nails in the spring, and Chanel’s Washed Denim is the perfect shade of grayish blue. It’s so versatile and easy to wear.” “I am planning on embracing pastels this spring, but I’m looking for hues that are a little bit different than your regular pinks, purples, and yellows. I think this light blue is a grown-up take on baby blue, but it’s still cheery and fun.” Lately, I have been really into green polish. For fall, I was more into the mossy hues, but this spring, I plan on brightening things up a bit with this kelly green color. It seems wild, but I promise it will go with more than you think. “I know it seems cliché to pair pastels for the spring, but I’ve been really into shades of purple lately, and this pale shade has my heart. I love that it gives a subtle touch of color without being too much.” Up next, 9 Pretty Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy

Consider your polish research complete.
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