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For Kyla Pratt, debuting a new TV show in the time of COVID comes with, as she describes it, a bunch of mixed emotions. 

“It’s very exciting, because I’m happy that we’re putting out something that is meant to bring joy and happiness during this time of craziness,” shares the 34-year-old Disney regular, who is currently starring in FOX’s new comedy series Call Me Kat, in which she plays Randi, best friend to Mayim Bialik’s character, Kat (Leslie Jordan and Swoosie Kurtz are also castmates). “It’s also difficult to shoot. We’re shooting during the pandemic, so we have so many different guidelines that we have to follow. It’s hectic, but luckily, I get to work with a group of people who are just talented and amazing people and fun to be around. I’m happy that this is the way we’re starting off our new year. Hopefully, we can keep it going and keep people laughing and let people be able to escape right now and just laugh and enjoy life.” 

You’re part of a fun cast. Any secrets from the set?
Everyone on our show has really, really good skin. One of the many things we all do is use under-eye patches as we’re coming into work. I don’t tend to sleep that often, so, I can wake up with a little puffiness. I don’t give myself enough time in the morning like I need to. I just jump up, brush my teeth, wash my face, throw on something, and I’m out of the house. There’s a lot of swelling going on under the eyeballs [chuckles] so I like to put on something cool to relax and to get that part of the face chilling.

Do you have any favorite beauty products?
I would have to say I’m pretty natural. I love just regular, natural African shea butter. It’s very moisturizing. My key thing is to stay moisturized—which also involves drinking lots of water. Drinking the proper water and moisturizing my skin are the two key things. I love washing my hair with Camille Rose Naturals. I love Taraji’s [P. Henson’s] line as well. It’s cruelty-free. Other than that, always dibble and dabble and try new things, but the main thing is to stay hydrated. It’s all coming from within.

You have two daughters. What do you teach them about beauty?
It’s really funny because I saw my daughter recently, and said, “You didn’t moisturize your face! You are going to start getting in trouble if you don’t moisturize your skin!” It’s a habit that starts early—when we were kids, we had all the shea butter and cocoa butter and coconut oil applied all-over our skin before we walked out the house. I told them, “Well, it worked on my skin, so let’s keep this tradition going.” They’re pretty young, so they are very much, “What do you mean?” I’m like, “Lotion your body, baby, and take care of that beautiful, brown skin.” 

You’re a big proponent of mental health. Do you have any advice for anyone who might be struggling a bit right now?
It’s hard, because everybody goes through different things. But I do know we’re all struggling right now, and we’re all struggling together. Talking about mental health is really important because, once we all realize that we’re not alone in the feelings that we have, it’s easier to get through the things. During this time, I’ve really looked at myself and looked within and tried to see the things that I needed to work on, personally, in order for me to grow and feel better. I had to calm down, slow down, focus, and not to rush. I’ve gotten away from saying, “Oh, let do this. Let’s work. Let’s do this!” No, you need to spend time with yourself, work on you and try to focus on the things about you that may need some work. I try to remind myself, “I’m a human being. I’m a work in progress.” I think if more people remembered that, they’ll be less hard on themselves.

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