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Over the past few months, everyone has been wearing cute, fashionable socks as a trendy accessory. But as the cold weather hits, it’s time to whip out your trusty winter won’t-leave-you-freezing-in-your-boots socks. And we know it’s not easy finding thick, comfortable pairs that will keep your feet toasty and dry through snow, sleet, and hail. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best winter socks according to Amazon reviews. Customers rave about the most important traits of this winter necessity: quality, comfort, coziness, and warmth. These socks won’t let you down no matter the weather, and it doesn’t hurt that they come in cute colors and patterns too.

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Top Review: “I purchased these to wear with my new pair of Ugg rain boots. They are wonderful and make my boots look a bit more sophisticated.” Top Review: “These are warm and cozy for winter nights and they wear very well. This is the second pair of Falke bed socks I have bought. You get what you pay for.” Top Review: “Love to wear these knee highs all winter long with flats, pumps, and boots!” Top Review: “Thankfully these don’t irritate my skin! They’re wonderful, they’re lightweight yet warm (not sweaty though!), colors are bold, and they’re so very soft I’m probably going to be able to wear them to bed once Dec/Jan hits. Durability is something I’ll have to test more long-term of course but they feel semi-thick so I’m not overly concerned about them falling apart any time soon.” Top Review: “I always have cold feet—except when wearing these socks. Warm and fuzzy. I love them!” Top Review: “Excellent warm socks, very soft and warm, thick. I purchased these socks to keep my feet warm while working in my home office. I put them on and wear slippers on top. My feet feel great. And nice and warm. I have a lot of foot problems and have trouble wearing shoes so I wanted to order something that would be comfortable and warm.” Top Review: “These socks are the best thing I’ve found for keeping my toes toasty in colder climates.” Top Review: “Perfect for a short skirt in the colder weather! So cute. Not too thick but not too thin.” Top Review: “So cozy & soft & beautiful. Love them!” —Amazon Reviewer Top Review: “These socks are beautiful, thick, and warm. I love the patterns and colors included in the set that I chose. The length of these socks is perfect for wearing in shoes or low ankle boots. I wear them with skinny jeans, pushed down a bit, in with stylish sneakers for a less bulky look than calf-length slouchy socks. The feel of them is soft and cushiony.” Top Review: “I was hesitant to buy socks online because it’s often hard to tell the thickness of socks. These are on the thicker side, which is what i wanted. I want nice, soft, cozy, thickish socks. These are perfect. Will buy again when i run these ones down” Top Review: “I love these. I even wear them as house slippers. My feet stay a perfect temperature; not too hot, not cold.” Top Review: “These are the most heavenly pair of socks your toes and feet will ever touch in your lifetime. Seriously. Everyone must have at least one pair of these. I own many pieces in this brand. I am obsessed. The fabric somehow gives me a sense of comfort like nothing else does. I literally do not leave the house without a BFD piece.” Top Review: “Nice fit and very comfortable. These are actually unseasonably warm, yet I never felt too hot. Also seem to be very good quality.” Top Review: “I bought these for my wife as she always has cold feet in the house. We live in the north east and it gets down to single digits and teens a good number of days during the winter. I’ve now bought 3 pairs for her and they actually keep her feet warm when nothing else would. She likes them better than merino wool, smart wool, and any other “winter” sock we’ve tried.” Top Review: “Very comfy, nice, and loose on my legs. If you’re looking for something to keep your feet warm without elastic cutting into your legs/ankles, these will do the trick. I’ve washed them on a warm cycle and run them through the dryer regularly and they keep their size/shape just fine. Nice and soft, considering buying more just to have some backups.” Top Review: “These socks are awesome. They are super comfortable and snuggly.” Top Review: “I know, they’re expensive. I’m here to tell you they’re worth it. They feel like a silk glove on my feet. I ordered more because once you have these all other socks are basically ruined. Yes, they’re that amazing.” Top Review: “These socks are gorgeous! The colors are brilliant. I get so many compliments when I wear these. I own several pairs of socks from MeMoi. If you’ve got to wear socks, they might as well be cute, and these are super cute!” Top Review: “These socks are great. I bought them since I fractured my ankle and needed a taller sock to go under my orthopedic walking boot. These are so soft, it is a pleasure to slip them on. I like the 3 different colors and will definitely keep wearing these under my more stylish boots once my ankle heals.” Top Review: “These socks hug the foot and don’t stretch out, yet they are not tight. They are not bulky and are cozy and warm for our cold weather. I haven’t tried them for other times of the year. I would buy them again. Top Review: “Love the material, very warm and thick. Also cute over leggings. I wish they were a bit taller so that they would peek out of boots, but I’m not sure that’s the intended use anyway. I put these on every time I’m lounging around the apartment, and they keep me very warm and cozy.” Top Review: “Even though I haven’t washed these to check if they hold up, they’re exactly what I expected them to be! They’re warm enough for winter (I don’t like woolen socks because I live in a warmer state), the lace detailing is very cute and accurate to the picture, and are soft and comfortable.” Top Review: “These socks are perfect for the recent drops in temperature! I’ve been freezing in the morning taking my dog out and these have been perfect in keeping my feet warm.” Top Review: “I had no idea they’d be so soft and comfortable and I was so pleased with them I immediately got a second pair of them for myself and two pair for my best friend for her birthday. She LOVES them. She said they feel like they’re made out of Heaven. And the best part? The socks are this soft but they’re not slippery at all. She and I are both pretty clumsy so we have to be careful of things like that. We’re both a size 8.5 and they fit perfectly.”

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