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At 28 years old, supermodel and actress Kate Upton has an impressive resume: covers of Vogue, Sports Illustrated and more, a few movies under her belt, and now her most important role, mom to her adorable 2-year-old daughter Genevieve. Her latest partnership brings her into the skin-care space, as she becomes the ambassador for found active, a subset of beauty brand found. The new collection will feature its own skin-care products designed for those who lead a busy, active lifestyle—like Upton herself—as well as ingestible supplements that target inside-out beauty and wellness. Here’s what the busy mom had to say about her new collaboration, the beauty trends she likes and doesn’t like, and the products she continues to stockpile.

What was life like for you growing up?
“Growing up in Florida, I was always outside and lived a very active lifestyle along with my three siblings. We were always horseback riding, at the beach or playing outside. When I started modeling at 15, I wanted to explore the world, and the fashion industry was an amazing way to accomplish that. Starting any career at that young of an age completely shaped the person I am today.”

Are there any beauty or wellness trends you’ve discovered while staying at home?
“During quarantine I have been able to really take the time to research the ingredients and products that I’ve been both consuming and putting on my face and body. More than ever it has helped me to prioritize natural, healthy ingredients in beauty and skin-care products. For this reason, I’ve been so excited to partner with found active, a brand that puts transparency and natural ingredients at the forefront.” 

Are there beauty trends you wish would go away?
“I guess this is more on the social media side, but I wish the Facetune trend of altering your appearance in photos would go away. It ultimately leads to young girls wanting to look like their Facetune-selves rather than their true selves.” 

Did you adopt any virtual workouts while staying at home?  
“Luckily, I was able to keep up my same routine of Strong4Me Fitness workouts in my home. Strong4Me is an at-home fitness program that I created with Ben Bruno that can be achieved in under 30 minutes a day, at home or on the go with minimal equipment. I like Strong4Me because there’s a big difference between energizing routines vs. energy-suck routines. Doing these quick, efficient workouts consistently provides the added strength and energy I have needed to keep up with my 2-year old during quarantine. This has been more helpful than I could have imagined, and I hope others have found it helpful as well.” 

What are your everyday beauty staples?
“It’s extremely important for me to have an effective everyday skin-care and wellness routine. Here are a few of my favorite products: I love exfoliating and cleansing my face with the Found Active Bubble Face Pads—they are extremely portable and easy-to-use to help refine and brighten my skin. Found Active Rejuvenating Face Serum has hyaluronic acid, which helps hydrate my skin. Tammy Fender Plant Milk gives my skin a light layer of protection and also calms any irritation and redness—I have sensitive skin, so this has been a game changer. Tammy Fender Clarifying Dermagel is an acne spot-treatment that has been a huge need with maskne. Tatcha Sunscreen because I always need protection from the sun! Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, which I can use for anything—I mainly use it for my chapped lips. Leonor Greyl Masque Quintessence is a hydrating hair mask for damaged hair. You can just put it in dry hair before you shower—it’s so easy! At the end of the day, I always use the Found Active Reset for Relaxation Powder, which has magnesium to help reduce stress and aid in a more restful night sleep for recovery.”

Did your beauty or skin-care routine change when you became a mom?
“Being a mom refocused my priorities to inside-out beauty more than ever. It has been so important to have energy, stay healthy and emphasize natural ingredients. That’s why I prioritize working out and staying active; it’s not to fit into a certain jean size, but to make sure I have the energy to spend quality time with my family. This mindset shift has helped me to feel more fulfilled in life than ever.”

Your social media presence definitely paints the “fulfilled” picture. How do you focus on positivity in such a crazy world?
“My whole world is my family, and we’ve leaned on each other more than ever to stay positive during the past year.”

What is one thing you’d like to do in your life that you haven’t done yet?
“I have a whole bucket list of places I’d like to travel and experience; now I’m more excited than ever to share that with my daughter.”

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