The 6 Most Innovative Beauty Products of 2020 – OWNSKIN

It seems that almost every day there is a new beauty product hitting the market: new eyeshadow palettes, a new lipstick formula, and foundations galore. The beauty industry is constantly churning out products that we, the beauty-obsessed, eat up with glee. 

As the industry becomes more saturated with products, companies are looking for new ways to appeal to customers, and the best way to do that is to release products we’ve never seen before. Innovation is always a good thing, and as more companies fight for our attention, producing new products with different benefits, delivery, and packaging is important. 

Being the beauty junkie I am, I’m always looking for the most interesting new item on the market and how it compares to the products we already know and love. I’ve rounded up the five best beauty innovations we saw in 2020 so you can try something new and exciting too! 

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