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While most people tend to borrow clothes from their sisters or mom, I tend to do quite the opposite. Whenever I’m in a fashion slump but want to avoid shopping, I make my way over to my brother’s and dad’s closets to borrow pieces that catch my eye. From doing this, I’ve realized that men’s clothing is just somehow more comfortable and have even found myself sifting through the men’s section when I shop.

I’m not sure if it’s the more relaxed fit or simplistic elements, but there’s something about men’s pieces that just seem to fit better than the similar products offered in the women’s category. Below, I’ve listed the 5 items that I prefer shopping for in the men’s section so you could differentiate your shopping game next time you’re browsing. 

When the sweater vest first started to come back, I immediately took a trip to my dad’s closets to find one. Even growing up, his sweaters were my favorite to pair with leggings because of the loose fit. Also, is it just me or are the prints on the men’s selection just cooler? Men’s t-shirts are often thicker and less form-fitting, so they work better for wearing under cardigans and jackets. Plus, they’re often less expensive. Brands are just now starting to sell women’s sweatpants in more looser silhouettes, but for a while, I only owned men’s sweatpants because of the comfort they provided. I’ve tried tons of different button-downs for women, but I keep going back to borrowing from my dad and brother because they’re more thick and durable. This is a no brainer because men’s sweatshirts are usually longer and roomier. Plus, most streetwear brands offer more options.  Up next, I’ve Fallen for the Thirst Trap of Famous Men in Jewelry

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