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Am I one of those people who thinks Sarah Jessica Parker and Carrie Bradshaw are the same exact person? Yeah, I am. I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that Carrie wouldn’t wear every single outfit SJP has been photographed in over the course of her life, but that’s beside the point. Clearly, I think about the wardrobes of both of those incredible women on an abnormal basis, and while the fashion in Sex and the City was great and all, it’s Sarah Jessica Parker’s style in the ’80s that I think about more than all the looks that aired on the show. 

Researching the best style moments of celebrities is a huge part of my job, so when I tell you that my jaw drops whenever I come across one of the striking looks below courtesy of Parker, I am not exaggerating in the slightest. She somehow managed to nail the whole oversized gaudy vibe of the ’80s in a way that still feels relevant today. Trends from decades past always come back around, but that’s not even what I’m referring to here. Scroll down and you’ll see that SJP’s style in the ’80s proved to be both trendy and timeless and wondering exactly how that could be is what keeps me up at night. 

Below, scroll through some of her best looks from the iconic decade and shop some of the pieces you’ll need to recreate the looks should you feel so inclined.  

When: 1980. Sarah Jessica Parker’s red carpet style, in general, is something I think about a lot, but this early ’80s ensemble fills my thoughts more than all the rest. From the fully exposed midriff to the striking beaded jacket, this look proves cocktail attire doesn’t always have to equal a little back dress.  When: 1980. Whenever I feel like my arsenal of jean outfits needs a refresh, I come back to this look. Yes, it definitely reads very ’80s, but that’s what I love about it. Each individual piece has remained a classic over the years, but the combination of the boxy blazer, scrunchie, and thick white socks makes it feel like a fresh yet nostalgic look.  When: 1987. Once again, SJP slays an event wearing nothing but a standout bra and tailored separates. Oddly enough, this outfit combination is one we saw all over the S/S 21 runways—black bras layered underneath all-black suits. Was Parker lightyears ahead of her time? Always.  When: 1988. This outfit makes me so happy for more reasons than one. The combination of the pearls, the crisp white shirt, neutral pants, and that undone sock and boot situation feels like a match made in heaven. To me, this is the perfect outfit to throw on when you’re tired of wearing your jeans or when you need a casual yet sophisticated (yet cool) look.  When: 1989. And then sometimes, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a look that was absolutely timeless. This sleek LBD can do no wrong and her simple styling choices made it that much more iconic.  When: 1988. SJP was big on blazers back in the ’80s and even wore them casually as seen here with denim shorts and fresh sneakers. So the next time you feel indifferent to your jean shorts, throw a strong blazer on your look will instantly feel cooler.  When: 1987. See? She loved a good blazer and her vast collection was nothing short of impressive. I love how she let the blazer take center stage in this look by opting for an oversize silhouette and styling it with nothing but the basics.  When: 1987. You didn’t think we’d make it through Sarah Jessica Parker’s best style moments from the ’80s without a denim jacket look, did you? I am not a huge fan of shorts, but this brown suede pair convinced me it’s the one item I never knew I needed in my life.  When: 1986. While they might not be the most classic item in the books, fringe jackets are one of those trends that somehow always manages to come back around. So if you ask me, yes, investing in one is a good idea and this outfit proves it.  Next up, shop the 30 new Nordstrom finds that deserve a place in your 2021 wardrobe. 

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