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Regina King is a powerhouse. Since our previous interview with her in July, the Academy Award–winner has made strides in helping the Black and Latinx communities find relief from the devastation COVID has presented. Partnering with Vaseline on its Equitable Skincare for All campaign, the pair is shedding light on the disparities that minority groups face in regard to medical care and skin health.

In a recent interview with Glamour, the 49-year-old explains the impact of systemic racism on people of color and why skin health is so important for these untaught communities. She also shares some of her own skin-care tips and staples she wishes she could instill in all young Black girls.

Expert Advice
“I’m very lucky to have access to a dermatologist,” says King. “While there are a lot of people who do have access to one, either their dermatologist isn’t Black nor are they familiar with the differences in our skin, because those differences do exist. We felt this was an opportunity to address something that has been neglected since the beginning of time.” King also shares that, along with her dermatologist, her mother taught her a lot of important skin-care advice that she relies on today.

Sun Shield
“My dermatologist has instilled the importance of going in yearly to have my skin tags checked—and always using a sunscreen, specifically the Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 ($30),” the Poetic Justice star reveals. “I used to think if we have melanin, we don’t need sunblock. Now, if the sun is out, sunblock is on my face. I can see how much my skin has changed, especially around my eyes. It’s as if there was some healing that needed to take place, and I didn’t even know it.”

Hydration Helpers
Growing up, King’s mother emphasized the importance of moisturizing. Explaining that her healthy skin is a result of her hydrating routine, she says, “We always oiled our scalps and were mindful of dryness—we were a family with humidifiers. Right after we’d get out of the shower, while our skin was still damp, we’d put on Vaseline or lotion.” Her desert-island pick? Cocoa Butter Vaseline ($2).” I know I sound like an ad, but I’m really dead serious…I have to believe I don’t have crepey skin because that lesson was instilled in me while growing up.” The effort to raise awareness on this subject has been a long time coming, but King is the perfect source for essential tips on taking care of melanin-rich skin.

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