Pin Up Hair – Summer Hairstyle Ideas – OWNSKIN

What could ever beat a pin up hair? We are all saturated with all these crazy hairstyles we have today. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are cool. It’s all good. But sometimes I want something else. I want more, I want different. Give me some awesome! And you know the saying: oldie but a goody.

Pin ups were freaking awesome. What am I saying? Pin ups were the queens. They didn’t show too much but enough to make it sexy. pin ups have the perfect combination of provocative, classy, beauty and style.

So, instead of hunting for the latest looks, today we’re stepping back in time to the fabulous 40’s : pin up hairstyles! Make sure your hair is in top shape first.

I have rounded up the best pin up hairstyles that we should definitely try.

Classic 50’s hairstyle

Start with hair that is not freshly washed as it will hold the curls better and make the victory roll easier to create. When making the curls use a heated wand then put them in pin curl clips for about 20 to 30 minutes. This will get that bouncy effect we want. Use a bristle brush to gently soften the hair that is prone to frizz.

Classic retro glam

This pin up hair can be created with a curling iron. For those lucky bitches with fine hair, use rollers for more volume. If using a curling iron, clip each curl in a barrel formation after it has been curled, to allow each curl to cool completely.

Using a thermal spray on your hair before you apply any heat will help the pin up hair last longer as well as protect the hair from heat damage. Use the thermal spray right before you curl or put rollers in in dry hair. If using rollers, let the hair cool completely before you take them off.

Once the curls are created, use a light hairspray all over. To create your victory rolls, backcomb each section to build a base for the curl to be clipped into. Smooth out any loose hair ( there will be, trust me! ). Once finished, spray everything with a shine spray.

This pin up hair is great for everyone who has medium or long hair.

The Poodle Do

This pin up hair is very versatile to achieve as it can be created with most hair types and length.

It is always good to start with a classic pincurl set. This will set the hair in a curl formation that is essential for placing the style with ease. Without setting the hair in curls you risk ending up with with a frizzy messy style that will attack people and chase them away. Use a small hot curling iron and allow the hair to cool in pin curl clips.

Sectioning is also very important with this hairstyle. After the hair is curled be sure to section off the top of the hair in a horseshoe shape from temple to temple, scooping around the back to just underneath the crown.

Using spray and a bristle brush, comb the underneath of the hair upwards in sections and pin it tightly up into the base  of the top section. Grab small sections on top of the head, teasing the base and creating barrel curls by wrapping the hair around your fingers. Secure each curl with bobby pins. Refine the style by dressing each curl until they are in harmony with each other.

Old Hollywood waves

Create a deep side parting and then apply thermal protection. Your hair must be dry. Curl sections and curl them as uniformly as possible. Make sure they are the same size sections and curled in the same direction.

Once you have curled all sections nad they are cool, use a dressing brush to brush through the curls until they form into a wave. To make the ridges more prominent, lightly tease one underneath each other. Set the style with some finish spray.