New JLO Footwear Collection, Only At DSW – OWNSKIN

JLO happily announced the launch of JLO footwear collection designed by her and sold only at DSW. Head to the official site and sign-up to shop the collection early. Enter for a chance to hang with one and only Jennifer Lopez!

JLO footwear collection quest started back in 2017, when she created a footwear collection with Giuseppe Zanotti—a collaboration that, fittingly, began in her closet. “I first met Giuseppe years ago, and I remember him just being a really sweet spirit,” she says. “He came to my house. Even back then we talked about doing a collaboration together. We talked about different things, a music video I was about to do, all kinds of stuff. He went through my closet, and we sat in there. We were supposed to just meet and say hello, but he wound up staying for hours, and we just talked fashion. He was like, ‘Oh, my gosh! Do you have those shoes? They only made 10 of those!’ I’ve been a huge fan of his for a long time.”

An important part of Lopez’s sensibility was the color palette, including a pale-blush tone that she referred to as “Jennifer pink.” “I’ve always called it that—it’s something I’ve always had with my own clothing lines,” she explains. As a corollary, there was “Jennifer blue,” “which came from a gift I got years ago,” she says. The gift: a 14.5-carat blue-gray diamond given to her by Anthony for their first wedding anniversary. No paint-swatch inspiration here.

We sure hope the new JLO footwear collection is as awesome as the last one.