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Over the past few months, Amazon has become a hotspot of treasure trove fashion finds for my friends and me. The platform’s quick shipping and opportunity to find literally anything has earned its spot as our bread and butter for clothing essentials. We’ve even found a bunch of easily styled pieces to mimick our favorite runway looks without going over budget (which is a success on its own)!

But when they say you can find anything on Amazon, they mean it. And this also means that sometimes you can get lost in the sea of options. When we first began shopping on Amazon, it felt a bit intimidating scrolling endlessly through all of the options before finding a piece that we actually loved. Despite this, we quickly learned that there are so many hidden gems on the site. 

So to save you some time, we’ve carefully curated a few of our favorite Amazon finds. From dresses to activewear to accessories, these chic and affordable options will surely find a great spot in your own wardrobe. 

For a hint of sophistication.  Giving The Row vibes at a significantly lower cost. Tap into one of the hottest trends for this season.  A chic and flattering lightweight coat. Perfect for the transition between seasons.  It’s hard to say no to this coat closet staple. If you’re living somewhere with a colder climate, you certainly won’t regret purchasing this full-length puffer coat.  A dress made for all occasions. Dress it up or dress it down.  We love how this dress offers an elegant yet effortless look. Bonus: It’s available in so many different colors.  This dress has summer romance and Jane Austen all written all over it.  For the more casual occasion, a linen dress is the perfect go-to.  A staple sweater that may be styled in literally every way.  Nothing says classic minimal more than a cardigan.  What’s better than being cozy? Having a variety of ways to achieve ultimate comfort. This sweater also comes in an array of colors.  Color-blocking always brings a modern edge to any outfit. Pair with your favorite skirt or go-to jeans. Sporty, but make it fashion.  Even if you aren’t working out in it, this hoodie is great for every casual day.  A cute show that’s best for morning strolls or a quick coffee run. You’ll need this for fashion and for support.  A smart take on a modern silhouette.  Save these for the warmer seasons.  A skirt that works for any casual occasion. A must-have skirt to unleash your inner cool girl.  A subtle statement.  My friends and I are currently obsessed with loafers. Pair with white ankle socks and you’ll be on your way to looking (and feeling) like an academic.  These shoes work well with everything and elevate your look with ease.  Belts with exaggerated buckles are overrated. Try one that exudes timeless elegance.  If you’re looking to add a bit of glamour to everyday activities without breaking the bank, try these.  This everyday bag is as versatile as it is affordable. Classic boots like these are hard to say no to. 

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What’s better than quick delivery and chic options?
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