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I’ve met someone.

We’re going pretty fast, and I love every second of it. We met, and then it was like we were instantly best friends. We started hanging out every single day without fail, and I even started putting our time together in my calendar. I told my parents, my best friends, my coworkers. Our love affair is strong and Taylor Swift-esque. And they always text me back. You guessed it: it’s Obé Fitness.

Obé Fitness is currently my favorite way to workout from home. I’m obsessed with their live classes, but I’ve also developed quite the arsenal of favorites from their on-demand offerings. When I’m short on time (namely doing a lunch break workout), Obé’s 10-minute express workouts are all I need.

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After taking a bunch of workout classes (you’re welcome), I’m sharing my favorites: 

1. Sculpt Band Arms

After I did this workout, I told everyone I knew. This 10-minute workout absolutely knocked me off my feet (literally). It uses a resistance band to sculpt every part of your arms, especially focusing on the shoulders. This really burned out my muscles in the absolute perfect way. I did this alongside a 10-minute cardio workout, and I was sore for days.

2. Sculpt Abs: Obliques with Madelaine O.

I love doing their sculpt express classes because they’re a great way to target a specific area. I’ll do two of these, and I always feel like I got a really good workout in for so little time. This obliques workout is hard as hell, but I felt so good after I completed it that I’ve done it two times since!

3. Yoga Wrist Stretch with Eve C.

I have pretty bad carpal tunnel that is only getting worse from constantly working on a laptop and never using my brace. This really affects my wrists during yoga, planks, and more. I’ve done this stretch a few times at night to stretch out my wrists, and it helps so much.

4. Butt/Legs with Walter K.

This is a great beginner/low-impact butt/leg workout for runners looking to cool down, warm up, or keep their legs strong on off days! I, however, am not a runner, and I still love this for a quick workout when I want to really focus on strengthening those muscles.

5. Cardio Boxing with Alex S.

After taking enough Obe classes, I’ve really grown to see which instructors motivate me the best, and Alex is one of them. I took a Justin Bieber-themed class with her recently, and it was some of the most fun I’ve had working out in a while. This 10-minute cardio boxing class has been a great addition to my strength-training routine, as I’ll do this as a warm-up or cool-down on lifting days. I hate cardio with a passion, but these classes don’t feel like running the Pacer test as a kid—they’re actually fun! 

7. Hip-Opener Flow with Beth C. 

Like I said, I love using my 10-minute Obe classes to target specific muscles and stretches, and this hip one has been a miracle worker. From sitting all day, my hips can get pretty tight, making it hard to do certain exercises if I don’t properly stretch 1-2 times a week. This one, by Beth C. (my favorite yoga instructor—her Fall Flow and live Maggie Rogers theme Vinyasa are amazing for after-work!), is great for stretching and strengthening those muscles in the hips. Over time, I’ve noticed I have to do it less and less because my muscles are actually getting stronger!

7. Pilates Upper Body with Marcia M. 

Pilates is not a strong suit of mine. I vividly remember my first class a few years ago in which I was one of about five people in the room, and afterward, I said I would never try that again. Luckily, with Obé, I was able to test it out with a 10-minute class. I’m still working up the courage to try a 28 or 45-minute class, but this express one is perfect for learning the basics and strengthening those muscles for now.

8. Dance HIIT with Walter K.

This dance HIIT class is so fun that you won’t even feel like you’re working out. It combines dance combinations with high-intensity interval training for an intense workout that works your entire body. I love these classes for early mornings because they get me up and moving first thing! 

9. Barre Legs with Katherine M.

I love the variety of classes I can find on Obé. Some days, I want a powerful strength-training workout with weights; other days, I want to basically do corpse pose and heavy breathing for 20 minutes. A recent favorite of mine has been their barre classes, especially the express classes. They target one muscle group, so I like to pair this with another one to feel like I’m getting a really good barre class straight from my living room. I love barre legs because it works muscles I didn’t even know I had. Get ready to feel the burn!

10. Bedtime Flow with Beth C.

I get the best sleep when I do yoga before bed, and this has been a favorite routine of mine. Tip: sometimes, I skip the mat and do the entire routine in bed with all of the lights off. Ultra-relaxing!

Don’t forget to use code TEG50 for 50% off your first month and a 7-day free trial! 

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