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It’s sort of implicitly understood at this point, that whatever clothes and accessories I buy or receive, they’re also my mother’s. While I love to raid her closet for vintage gems (my mother was an avid collector of Ferragamo flats), it’s not unusual for her to do the same with my closet, albeit for trendy items. Whenever I go home for the holidays I can always count on something I packed to end up in her closet, borrowed indefinitely, until I manage to claim it the next time I visit. Although our personal styles are different, we both tend to favor bold statement pieces with unusual flair, and despite our age difference, we end up swapping fashion items religiously. Well, here are the fashion buys my mom has “conveniently” forgot to return. They range from a vinyl trench coat to a cut out sweater she loves to pair with her other obsession, skinny jeans. Keep scrolling to see the full list of “borrowed” fashion buys I’m itching to get back from her.

I packed this statement trench coat for our mother-daughter trip to Paris, and haven’t seen it since. Because it looks so good on her, it’s one item I’ve been less incessant about her returning. 

I don’t wear skinny jeans often, but the few pairs I do own are already being held captive. While I gravitate toward straight leg styles, my mom’s denim collection is exclusively skinny jeans. 

My mother and I are both blind as a bat, so it’s not unusual for piles of glasses to accrue whenever we’re together. My glasses are usually prescription (so thankfully she can’t claim them) but for the ones that aren’t, you better believe she has already plotted on them.

After years of wearing my Louis Vuitton Neverfull to death, I let my mom borrow it indefinitely since it was a bag she had always complimented. With the monogram trend still on the rise, I’m itching to get it back… we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve documented my love of gold necklaces pretty extensively, and as it turns out I’m not the only person that can’t get enough of them.

She loves to wear these with skinny jeans and black boots. 

During one of my visits back home, I brought along my burgundy Adidas Campus sneakers. My mom proceeded to wear them during the entire trip, and even bought herself the same pair later that year. They’re no longer in stock, but no doubt she loves these.

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Maybe I’ll get them back someday…?
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