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First and foremost, any “ugly” trend is not, in fact actually, ugly. It’s a term coined by the fashion industry to describe designs that are out of the ordinary and campy. In fact, a lot of “ugly trends” seem to always move into vogue and remain in the closets of many long after they have hit the runway. It’s fashion’s way of rejecting societal norms of what’s deemed as flattering because why stay confined within restrictions? 

This year has been tough, to say the least, and the fact that designers were still able to tap into their creative side and produce new collections deserves a round of applause. In doing so, collections reached audiences in ways like never before: Online runway shows, Instagram filters, and even a puppet show were the chosen mediums for many designers this year. And with perseverance and new designs, comes a new rendition of the aforementioned “ugly” trends. Below are the five “ugly” trends that will soon trickle down from the runway and (eventually) into your closet. 

Camp is back in session, with the plethora of designers looking to bright tie-dye. Perhaps the upcoming trend is a nod to the ’90s, or an antidote to cure the woes of the year. Regardless, be ready to imbue the print into your wardrobes for the warmer season.  Disco Zoom parties are making their way into the mainstream. Do you know what that means? Seventies-inspired lamé attire is following through. Metallics of all sorts will enhance the escapism factor.  You know what they say: Don’t get ready, stay ready. In this case, we’re expecting rainy skies. What was seen as an unflattering silhouette is now working its way back into the fashion scene, all while proving just how fashion can work as a protective outer shell.  This bright trend is impossible to miss and is certainly alluring to those who have the confidence to rock such a bold look. If you’re not one to shy away from being the belle-of-the-ball or center of attention, the neon trend was made for you.  This year, sweatpants were the craze because at-home comfort became a major priority. But one can never truly take denim out of the equation. Noting the aforementioned, denim takes form in a less restrictive way: larger silhouettes and flares. 

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2021 is in for some daring fashion choices.
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