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Raise your hand if you fell in love with Lana Condor when you were first introduced to her in Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before? On a Zoom call today, the actress and Neutrogena ambassador filled us in on all the beauty discoveries she’s made since the world basically shut down last year.

When asked about her beauty resolutions for 2021, Condor said she wants to take better care of herself, inside and out. “What I learned in 2020 is to truly expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything, and with that knowledge, the way I’m choosing to take care of myself from the inside and also on the outside is making sure I can stay ready for anything thrown my way. This also means being as healthy as possible with the way I do my self-care. The Neutrogena [Healthy Scalp] products make me feel like I’m actively doing something for myself and taking care of myself. In this new year, I want to indulge a little bit more and kind of be soft with myself. When you do a mask or you take that extra time to pamper yourself, you feel better after.”

As far as the beauty hacks she’s picked up during quarantine, Condor has become a fan of soap brows. “This sounds so weird, but I’ve been using soap on my eyebrows. You can just get regular soap, and you put a spoolie in your soap and then you brush your eyebrows and it keeps your eyebrows in place. I mean, everyone has soap in their house—especially now, I hope you have soap in your house—so that’s a little hack that weirdly I thought was great.”

She’s also fully embraced the ice roller trend. “I have an ice roller, and listen, it’s a rude awakening in the morning when you put ice on your face. I’m not a morning person—it’s painful, but it’s worth it because you feel alive. I’ve been drinking less caffeine because of it. I keep it in my freezer and it’s awesome.”

I’ve also been trying to focus on the health of my hair because in the past couple years, just with my job, I had heat on my hair every day, I had extensions and bonds in my hair. For To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, for the first movie, my hair was super long, and it was naturally my own. If you go back and watch those movies, my hair is down to my butt. Then I had cut it, so for the second and third movie—it’s coming out soon—we had to use extensions to match the insane length of my hair. I had these bonds in my hair, but they were pretty heavy extensions, and my hair would just fall out randomly, like on set, at dinner. I did a live panel in Brazil promoting the movie with my costar [Noah Centineo] and I looked down and my hair and the extension were on my seat. I full-on panicked. I looked at my costar and he was in shock, and then he grabbed it and put it in his back pocket so no one knew.”

Condor continues to say that at the time, she hadn’t focused specifically on her scalp, but she’s made that a priority over the past year with more time on her hands. “Because of all the wear and tear my hair has gone through, I’ve really take a lot of time to heal my hair. I have dandruff and a dry scalp, so I take the time to use scalp scrubs and I take my brush and very gently tease it into my scalp to make sure it’s exfoliated even more. It’s about bringing my hair back to its original state after years of abuse. I think I should do a hair mask once a week, particularly if I have the time. I’m realizing that now.”

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