Kick ass office outfits to wear in 2020 – OWNSKIN

Ok, so 2020 has arrived. Booo! We are one year older, which sucks. But, with the new year around the corner, it`s time to plan something greater than what was cool back in 2019.

Vacations and parties are long gone so, with a kick in the arse it is time to get back on track to our lovely jobs. Not me though. I have an awesome one where I can wear just my pajamas. That is until my vacation is over and I am back to my office. Enough being said, let`s have a look at awesome outfits to break some of those colleague necks.

The Black Panther

So the first one that caught my eye was this one. Now, I can`t relate the type of office you have to work in to get away wearing this. I mean, we can imagine how this one looks from behind and let`s face it: men are idiots. But you could get away with it if it`s an unheated office and you can keep that blankie on. Bottom line, it`s cool when you have the body to wear it. Elegant enough for a nightclub. Also, thumbs up for the Starbucks coffee.

The CEO one

This one I like. It has to come with an attitude as well. You need to feel good in your own skin. Shoes are gorgeous, the straight but tight enough pants make me a fan and the short cardigan completes everything. Its pattern is back in style and the belt fits. Thumbs up for this one!

The Diva Outfit

Well, well, well. Not much to be said here. It is classy, elegant and slick. Wear this one with pride and it will catch all the attention. It doesn`t go to the elegant section too much for an office outfit. It stands right on the line. Add a watch to match it and you will be walking on the clouds of Olympus! Mind the shoes, though. Not exactly that time of year for sandals.

Yellow Fever

If we are to have a bit of fun, what the heck is this? I mean, don`t get me wrong, it is a nice dress. For a date! But would you wear this to the office? Well, in case you would, you go girl! Here is an idea for you! May God have mercy on those poor men souls!

The Young Gun

Here you have it, girls! Classic, elegant, feminine, you name it. Turn any office into your fashion stage, where you are the center of attention. Feel the beauty in you. Be beautiful, act beautifully.

Classic Corporate Look

I dare you! Good old black and white for an atomic impact. You can never be wrong wearing this at the office. Put the confidence up and wear it. You will not go unnoticed.

There you have it, girls! Some fresh ideas for an awesome 2020 start.


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