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As a fashion editor, I talk, think, and chat about trends and shoes and outfits all day long for work. When I’m not working, I’m spending time with friends who will inevitably want to talk to me about trends and shoes and outfits some more. When a friend recently texted me for a moisturizer recommendation and I instead offered her my entire skincare routine (morning and night) inclusive of product screenshots, I truly think I took myself by even more surprise than I did her. I thought, Am I a low-key beauty hoarder?

I’ve never been particularly talented at makeup per se, and I’m certainly not one to do my hair on an average day. However, I am really invested in finding amazing products that make me look like my best self with little effort. After going through my medicine cabinet and vanity, I discovered I have a total of 25 skin, hair, and makeup products that I absolutely can’t go a week without using. Maybe that sounds like a lot to you, or maybe that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of your own beauty arsenal, but I guarantee these are worth adding to cart and testing out for yourself.

Whenever I need a little extra moisture on my skin, I apply this serum (and let it completely soak in) before my daily moisturizer. I haven’t used a makeup remover wipe in months thanks to this epic cleanser. It removes all the product on my face, including my mascara, and hydrates at the same time. Talk about a win, win. I adore this mask as a weekly hydrating treatment, but I’m currently using it in place of my nighttime moisturizer to combat my dry winter skin. I’m quite impressed with how well it’s getting the job done.  This is the first Retinol cream I’ve tried that actually works for my skin. And by “works” I mean provides me with all of the benefits without the common side effects of dry, peeling, flaky skin. I’m waiting for the day when my occasional breakouts are non-existent, but until then I’ll be relying on these little skin saviors. I just pop one on top of a blemish after my nighttime skincare routine and wake up to a smaller, less red situation. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the actual texture of my skin has changed (for the better!) since using this treatment. I apply it after cleansing and before moisturizing about 3 times a week. It’s a game changer. I’ve read too many articles about women sharing their skin regrets from their youth, not to take preventative measures seriously. Gua sha tools supposedly help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help face oils soak in deeper. If nothing else, giving myself a facial massage is a very relaxing form of self-care. I recently received a sample of this face oil and it’s truly improved the texture of my skin. Warning: If applying at night, make sure it’s well absorbed before getting in bed or your white sheets will not be so white. I’m not the first person to swear by this lightweight sunscreen, and I surely won’t be the last. The formula has replaced any need of a makeup primer, making the price tag quite reasonable.  I have extremely tangled hair, especially post-shower. My amazing hairstylist turned me on to this detangler, and it’s the only one I plan to use for the rest of my life. Yes, that’s how committed I am.  I honestly purchased the travel size of this hair serum purely based on its insanely delicious smell. Luckily, the promise of smoother, shinier hair post–blow-dry has been true for me. Also worth noting is the truly tiny amount needed of the product, meaning it rarely ever runs out. I’ll admit that I only bought this shampoo the first time because it was on sale, but I’ve been a repeat customer ever since. My hair feels truly clean after using this product and I love the brand’s mission to promote scalp health. This conditioner has completely changed my dry, tangled hair for the better. This blo-dryer is a serious splurge, but one I believe is so beyond worth it. It’s truly the best hair tool I’ve ever used because it dries my hair in record time and doesn’t damage my delicate strands. I know, I know—you tolerate oat milk in your coffee but find it suspicious to be appearing in a beauty product. The ingredient supposedly has soothing properties, but frankly, I just use this Klorane dry shampoo because it works wonders on my second-day hair. Meet the least expensive and best hair tool you will ever own. I use this brush both during a shower (after applying conditioner) and after. It’s truly a game changer. My hair dries out super easily, so a couple of drops of this hair oil on the ends of my strands is a must during colder months. It’s one of Revolve’s best sellers for a reason. Sometimes I skip bronzer and blush altogether in favor of a quick swipe of this highlighter on my cheekbones. I’ve been wearing the Rose color of this tinted lip balm for years and only recently discovered the Punch. It’s the perfect peachy-pink hue to wear year-round. Glossier’s Boy Brow is a cult-favorite beauty product for a reason. I personally don’t have the patience to fill in my brows with a pencil and I also prefer the less manicured look that results from a brush. I normally don’t have strong opinions on mascara, and if I’m being honest I just use whatever free sample I get with my points at Sephora. However, my co-worker recently suggested I try this It Cosmetics option and my eyelashes have never looked better. I seriously have been getting compliments on video meetings, that’s how good this stuff is. I’m kind of in love with everything Nudestix makes, but this blush-and-bronzer duo especially. It goes on so smoothly and buffs into my skin for a super natural look. This concealer is a bit thicker, so it’s perfect as a spot treatment. This SPF infused setting powder is ideal for anyone who finds it hard to incorporate sunscreen into their daily beauty routine. I also like it for pool or beach day touch-ups. The name of this eyeliner says it all. It truly glides on so smoothly that even someone who is terrible at makeup like me can create a perfect look.

Next up, My Skin Is Parches—These Products Are My Hydration Saviors.

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