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When you err on the shorter side, finding the perfect boot is equivalent to finding the perfect pair of denim; certain styles will flatter your frame, some design elements are best left to the tall, and when you find the perfect pair, you cherish them. As a fashion editor who is just shy of 5’3 1/2,” I’ve spent the last several years dabbling in new boot trends, from high-fashion thigh-high boots to chunky Chelsea boots, to discover boot silhouettes that just work for my frame. Through the meticulous process of trial and error—and the inevitable pain of breaking in new boots—I’ve nailed down the short girl boot formula. Now, when buying boots, I always reference my checklist of heel height, boot height, and toe shape to ensure that I am investing in the right pair. 

And let’s make one thing clear: your height does not limit your boot choice; it just informs the purchase. For instance, when I am trying over-the-knee boots, I know I need to look for structural elements or a slouchy shape for volume, a square or pointy toe, and at least a baby heel. If I opt for a flatter sole, I know it needs to either be a platform or a dramatic chunky heel to accentuate my height and balance my proportions. Within every boot trend of the season, there will always be an option for shorter girls. Ahead, discover the 20 best boots that will never fail short girls.

A subtle slouch at the ankle will add instant volume to your look.  Don’t be scared of a pointy heel. Once they are broken in, they will become your best friend.  Repeat after me: square-toe boots are great for short girls.  I will admit that I don’t love flat boots, however, I am aware that I cannot wear heels 24/7, thus, I opt for platform boots when I go flat.  Simple structure adds sophistication to any knee-high boots.  Again, not a high heel, but the baby heel of a cowboy boot is just the right amount of height.  Knee high + square toes + low heels = yes.  Over the last few years, this shape has become my go-to with denim if I am not in the mood for knee-high boots but still want to add polish to my outfit.  Chunky boots are in. You heard it here first.  When it comes to over-the-knee boots, a silhouette that hugs your leg is best. If you opt for a slouchy pair or structured, it will drown out your frame (speaking from experience here!) Another perfect example of the ultimate short-girl boots. As a short girl, investing in the perfect pair of boots is always worth it because once you find The One, you rarely take them off.  A bit of a wild card, but these Ugg minis are one of my favorites for my loungewear looks, and yes, I often wear them with shorts.  The perfect boot shape for styling with dresses and skirts.  For ankle boots, opt for flattering fitted shapes like these.  Gotta love sock booties! Fitted boots almost always elongate your legs. The ultimate short-girl rain boots. If you aren’t feeling a fitted number for an ankle boot, try neutral, low-heel booties. And be sure that your straight-leg denim hits below the booties to avoid a gap.  Trust me—they’re worth it.  Be bold and try white booties with block heels. Up next, discover the classic ankle boots that go with literally everything you own. 

Tried and tested for all the shorter gals out there.
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