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If it were any other year, we’d be sitting down to discuss the major street style moments of the last season and make predictions about what the fashion crowd will don at the next lineup of shows. Obviously, this isn’t just any other year and with continued travel restrictions rendering in-person runway shows obsolete, the typical street style scene just isn’t really a thing anymore (if at all). Of course, that never stopped the stylish set from dressing up and sharing their best looks with us, they’ve simply gone digital.

Well, the same goes for the would-be street style trends of 2021. Instead of scanning the latest images from New York, London, Milan, and Paris, we’ve taken a deep dive into the Instagram feeds of our favorite showgoers and found a few common threads among them. Seven themes, to be exact. From the new spring statement color that simply can’t be missed to the eye-catching dress trend we’re especially excited about, keep reading to discover the biggest trends that would otherwise be turning heads at fashion week.

There are plenty of bright colors trending at the moment, but one that’s been drumming up the most excitement among the fashion set and our own editors is bubblegum pink. The can’t-be-missed hue just so happens to photograph especially well, one reason why we’re convinced it would rule the street style scene.

It wouldn’t be a street style story if we didn’t discuss at least one “risky” trend and right now, it’s these creative cutouts that are taking center stage. Whether it be a dress with side cutouts à la Cult Gaia or a basic top with an asymmetric neckline, these pieces are stunning both online and IRL.

Although statement-making trends often lap up the spotlight, the fashion set has a sweet spot for its cool basics, too. The basic du jour? These suiting trousers with an ultra-relaxed, loose fit, especially in a light khaki color. The “grandpa” vibes are strong here.

Fashion has always had a fascination with subverting mainstream ideas of what’s considered pretty, and here we have a new “ugly” trend everyone’s embracing as of late: tacky florals. Think of the kitschy prints straight out of your mom’s closet in the ’80s: high saturation, busy patterns, and in-your-face florals.

You didn’t think we were about to skip out on the shoe trends, did you? Strappy sandals are getting an upgrade this year with asymmetric straps and lots of toe-ring details that give a new meaning to the word complicated.

If there’s one thing we know about street style trends, it’s that the more eye-catching, the better. Checkerboard prints are a trend that came in hot at the beginning of the year and we expect it to only keep gaining steam as designers high and low experiment with the graphic pattern.

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