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Fun fact: I’ve been wearing the wrong shoe size for years. I know—kind of shocking. Well, if you’ve been curious about whether or not you’ve made the same mistake, what’s coming your way might be particularly intriguing. I recently uncovered this new app called Xesto. It essentially uses 3D technology to measure the actual size of your foot using your phone to ensure you’re buying the correct size shoe. The app also recommends brands you might like and provides sizing recommendations to purchase the correct size from brands based on your scans. You can also share your official size with friends and family from the app.

I actually reached out to Sophie Howe, the CEO and co-founder, to uncover some info on why she created the app. “When you are shopping online there are no easy solutions to help you find your size that is tailored to you personally, she said. “You might buy two pairs of shoes and return the one that is too small, which is costly for the retailers and brands selling these items and has a significant environmental impact.” What’s interesting is that when I tested out the app (a demo here, FYI), it showcased that my actual size was a half size larger than I’ve been wearing for years. 

Honestly, I’m sure I’m a podiatrists worst nightmare because I imagine wearing shoes that are too small couldn’t be great for foot health. On that note, I reached out to Benjamin Tehrani, DPM, of Kings Point Foot & Ankle in Los Angeles and creator of Nerve Assist to inquire about what happens to your feet when you wear the wrong size shoe on a daily basis. “I know for a fact that people with a history of corns and calluses on their feet admit to wearing ill-fitting shoes,” he said. “Shoes that don’t fit us properly can cause pressure points on the soles of our feet and this causes thickened painful skin lesions called calluses.” He also mentioned that tight-fitting shoes can press on the corners of your big toe, which can ultimately lead to ingrowing toenails. So yes, not wonderful. But I’m happy to report that the last pair of sneakers I bought are officially my “new” size, and they feel great and more comfortable. In essence, they’re not as tight, which is better overall.

If you’re interested in the app I used, try it here. I also thought it would be fun to showcase some of the shoes I’m personally loving out there right now. Keep scrolling for a smattering of shoe silhouettes that come in a variety of sizes.

Fashion people are all about the New Balance kicks. Very into the retro vibe. Make that statement. Fresh. Another go-to amongst the style set. This pair is super breathable and is easy-on, easy-off. Color-blocking for the win. Classic. Loving that these are water-resistant. The boot silhouette of the season. Another solid chunky-boot pick. This pair actually has a faux-fur lining to keep extra toasty. A sleek pair. Ideal for lounging at home or for when you mask up for errands. Amp up that cozy factor. So cute. Add these into your WFH rotation. These would look adorable with fun socks as well. Chic and cozy. Just picture these with white tube socks for a very modern look. These have over 4.5 stars based on customer reviews. Another A+ chunky loafer option. The white stitching is a nice touch. Very current.

Next, check out more shoe styles to consider.

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