I Just Found 24 Chic Nordstrom Items That Will Be Popular in 2021 – OWNSKIN

Nordstrom is a go-to shop for many given its vast assortment of merch. If you cruised over to the site now, there’s a strong chance you’d find something intriguing. Well, after taking a scroll through the site, I personally found a smattering of items that piqued my interest. The pieces in question are especially noteworthy because they also happen to align with some of the biggest trends of next year. Essentially, I think these chic pieces will be popular in 2021 given their forward nature.

With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the curation of these A+ products. I’m talking everything from chic outerwear picks to modern loungewear silhouettes to of-the-moment denim styles. Who knows, you may just end up uncovering an item that could become a staple in your wardrobe now and into next year.

Faux-leather clothing isn’t necessarily a new trend, but more and more brands continue to introduce these pieces into their collections. I bet the look will only continue to increase in popularity come next year. I love that a faux-leather blazer or a pair of trousers can make any ensemble feel all the chicer.

The knit set will continue to reign supreme. Whether it’s a coordinating tank and cardigan or a cozy sweater and lounge pants duo, this is one trend that could be worth a try.

As we highlighted recently, “second-skin” tops are trending hard RN. Essentially, they can be described as those thin tops (usually a turtleneck) that graze very close to the body, acting almost as a second layer of skin. And yep, Nordstrom has quite the variety on site right now.

When it comes to tailoring, it’s all about the more relaxed silhouettes—slouchy blazers, loose trousers, and the like. Fortunately, there are a smattering of A+ picks at Nordstrom.

While classic straight-leg jeans will continue to hold strong, it’s those baggy cuts that will trend hard in 2021—especially in lighter washes.

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