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Seeing as winter is at our doorsteps and the cold weather can often be the trickiest to dress for, we’ve tapped our fashion friends over 40 yet again for a much-needed dose of inspiration as we head into this next season. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: there’s just something about this group’s seasoned style perspective that proves to be an unlimited source of style inspiration for us. Whether it’s the stores they always shop or how they’re styling their basics, they just get it

This time around, we chatted with several of our favorite 40-plus influencers like Renata JazdzykElaine Davis, and Tennille Murphy who you might recognize from other stories we’ve featured them in. When asked to name their staple fashion items for winter, they shared picks that are timeless, chic, and work for everyone (no surprise there). We weren’t even surprised to see that certain pieces are beloved by all of them (yep, they’re that good). So continue on to read why they rely on each of the below 7 items from outerwear to accessories and of course, see how they’re wearing each.

“NYC winters can be a bit brutal sometimes, so when it’s time to stay warm and stylish, a puffer coat it is. You can dress them up or down.”—Elaine Davis

“For years now, puffer jackets and coats are my absolute essentials and I cannot imagine winter without them! They are easy to style, warm, and comfy. Currently, in stores, we can’t find an amazing selection of puffer jackets and coats from classic black or subtle neutral to very colorful ones, my favorite are the ones with a belt – they are so stylish and add extra oomph to your winter outfit.”—Renata Jazdzyk

“One of my top wardrobe staples for winter are sweaters. You basically need these for the Danish winter. You can dress them up and down as you like by adding collars, scarves, or layering with sweaters. This season I am very much into the light shades.”—Mette Anderson

“There is nothing more comforting than chunky, soft knits. Every year, I add a new one to my collection! My winter go-to outfit is a chunky knit and oversize jeans. This year, I will be buying knits with a scarf attached to them (e.g., the Frankie shop) and knitted dresses with matching scarves.”—Jazdzyk

“Year after year, I pull out my vegan leather leggings and have yet to get tired of wearing them on repeat. They are incredibly flattering on my figure, comfortable as hell, and make me feel chic and put together. I love that they are so versatile. For me the key to styling them year after year are shoes: maybe suede over-the-knee boots for a more polished look, slingback kitten heels for that feminine chic vibe, or lug-sole boots for a more edgy sporty look… The combinations are endless.”—Tennille Murphy

“What can I say? I love my curls in a beret. They are stylishly functional hats, I always have one in my coat pocket in winter. As an L.A. girl, being cold is brutal for me. I turned to berets to keep my ears warm and found that I love them as an accessory to complete an outfit. The fact that they also protect my curls from damp winter air and make me feel super cute is what I call style and substance.” —Murphy

“I love all kinds of hats as a winter staple. They protect you from the cold but also add a bit of edge to your outfit and make it a bit more cozy for winter wear. This one is my latest purchase from Ganni.”—Anderson

“Another winter essential of mine are faux furs. They are chic and so warm! I find it so much easier to embrace colder days when wearing a cozy teddy-bear coat. Don’t be afraid to go for something more colorful! My favorite brand when looking for a faux-fur coat is Stand Studio. They had such an amazing range!”—Jazdzyk

“I got into wearing vintage faux fur three or four years ago and have been adding to my collection ever since. Nothing completes a winter outfit like them. I find faux fur to be luxe, fashionable, timeless, and most importantly, functional. Paired with everyday basics, a faux fur coat elevates any look.”—Murphy

“I love jumpsuits, and during the winter months, I’m constantly reaching for them.”—Elaine Davis

“A wool coat in a pop of color is one of my winter staples. They add a spark to any outfit on a cold day.”—Davis

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