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Clothing really doesn’t get more personal than what you wear underneath. From the bust to hips, bodies are superbly unique in every way, which bares the question-why do so many lingerie brands use a one size fits all approach? Thankfully, more players within the intimates space have wised up to the body diversity and creativity women crave when it comes to their lingerie. With brands like Savage x Fenty and Playful Promises offering up a diverse range of sizes along with innovative, beautiful designs, it’s proof you don’t necessarily have to be an A cup to find beautiful pieces worth showing off. Since most of us are likely shopping online from our couch versus visiting a store nowadays, a personal recommendation is an invaluable tool. In the interest of finding out the best of the best, I turned to some of my favorite fashion it-girls to figure out which brands offer up A+ lingerie for curvy bodies. From lacy bodysuits to keep-you-in sports bras, keep reading ahead for their top selects.  “If you are looking for casual everyday bras and panties that fit right, check out Target’s Auden collection. I love how cute they are and how included I feel. I get to shop these items with my skinny friends because they are available in multiple sizes.”–Jessica “I wasn’t blessed with natural perky boobs. The moment my breasts came in they were ready to hit the floor–thanks Mother Nature! Over the last few years, I have been on the search for a bra that makes me feel lifted but not augmented and I found the one. There’s a reason I called it my dating bra.” “Whether you are looking to impress someone or just yourself, any set from Gabi Fresh’s Playful promises lingerie collection never misses. Those high waisted panties are comfy and sexy. What else could you want from undies?” “One thing Curvy Couture understands is quality and accessibility. Each garment is made specifically for the curvy girl. Whether you’re looking for a classic style or a simple cotton set, the ladies at this company care about their consumers no matter what.” –Veronica  “French lingerie found its way to being one of the sexiest gifts a woman can receive. I was so unbelievably shocked to find out that Louisa Bracq existed; luxury lingerie made to fit larger bodies while also providing a variety of exquisite designs.” “Tutti Rouge touches on everything you’ll want from lingerie: a variety of styles, a wide range of models to showcase their designs, and the ability to incorporate lingerie in your everyday. I love how you can find everything from cute and sexy to edgy pieces all while being extremely affordable.”  “As someone who is on the very busty end (I’m a size 40L), it is not easy to find supportive, well-fitting lingerie that is actually hot.  UK brand Curvy Kate has sexy bodysuits made for full busts with more even more risqué sets from their sister band Scantilly.” –Sarah “Elomi is pretty much considered the gold standard for full bust underwire bras, and their strappy styles like Sachi look amazing peeking through a plunging neckline.” “Minimalist wire-free sets have been having a major moment lately (no surprise there), but the vast majority of the trendy brands do precisely nothing for someone with a fuller bust.  Evelyn & Bobbie is the one exception: Their bras actually lift and support, and are just wonderfully comfortable (i.e. pretty much all I wear now). Bonus: Their thong doesn’t dig!” “Though they don’t technically cover my bust size in their wired bras, Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty fashion lingerie is just so much fun that I let it slide and find things that work, like this fire lace bodysuit. I hope they keep expanding their size range with more cup sizes and extended plus, because everybody deserves a clear PVC and lace bra.” “I couldn’t talk about revolutionary and inclusive lingerie without mentioning skims. I dragged my feet in initially mainly due to UK shipping costs but I now have a growing collection I’m absolutely in love with. I feel like I now have a brand that will support me through all of life’s transitions with Skims. Women have needed this for so long! Go Kim K!”–Chloe “Like much of my wardrobe, I lean towards minimalistic, well made and luxury products but when it comes to plus size lingerie and fuller bust categories, it’s rare to find anything like this. When I discovered Cuup I just immediately felt like my silent prayers had been answered. It’s SUCH a gorgeous brand!” “A good sports bra for fuller busts and women who are really into their fitness game is honestly gold! I love this Shocks Absorber sports bra. I’m currently on my third variation and continue to go back. I never have any mishaps in it!” “I am a HUGE SavagexFenty fan! Most of my lingerie and undergarments come from there. I live for the inclusivity they have always portrayed, and the fit is always right. Balconette style bras have been my go-to recently because I learned that is what gives me the most flattering fit. I usually pair everything with seamless thongs since they’re the most practical but also come in the cutest colors. But nothing also beats a soft mesh slip; I’m definitely one to never wear proper pajamas so I can’t go without.” –Javi

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