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Gray hair is trendy right now, but for those going gray naturally, the texture may have changed substantially. You may find that your hair is much rougher and the products you’ve always used are no longer cutting it. Before you panic now that there are some solutions. We’ve put together a list of the best ways to soften coarse gray hair. Hopefully, this helps you regain that silky texture you love!

How Best to Soften Coarse Gray Hair

Begin to educate yourself on premium haircare. There are many factors that create a coarse feeling in gray hair or anyone’s hair for that matter. Firstly, the use of wrong products and secondly menopause causes lots of changes in the hair’s structure. Not only does hair feel different but in many cases, the texture changes it becomes more coarse, especially as white hair starts to grow in.

Pick The Right Shampoo

Look for shampoos that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicon-free. The Iles Formula Shampoo for coarse gray hair is my pick and has a PH  of around 5,50 -6,50. This will ensure a perfect cleanse removing any product buildup that will most defiantly cause coarse, dull hair.  If using a sulfate-free shampoo be sure to add more water than normal.  Water is the key to wake up the key ingredients that replace the sulfates and add the nurture that softens and cleanses. Be aware, if you do not have an abundance of lather, it could well be you will miss the softness the sulfate-free shampoo will deliver to your hair.  There are also mass-market options but read the reviews before purchasing … If interested in purple shampoos  that also eliminate yellow  from white hair, check out Primes article on 5 Great Shampoos for Gray Hair

Always Condition

Search for silicone-free and paraben-free conditioners. It’s the conditioner that softens and repairs the hair and is most definitely the key to prevent your problems of coarse-textured hair. Search for a conditioner that does not coat the hair with protein or keratin as these residues can over time build up and cause dryness and eventually breakage. Iles Formula conditioner is one of the rare conditioners that repairs instantly without deposing any damaging residue. The effect of nurture is instant and the hair is soft and sumptuous from the very first use. Read reviews on products, these testaments are the best guide always. People write reviews if very pleased or very unhappy they are an excellent guide to good products.

Consider a Hair Serum

The serum I most recommend has built-in heat protection and will transform gray coarse hair into the most spectacular spun silk texture instantly. The key is to heat activate this serum by blow-drying it into every section.  The Iles Formula Serum has a soft memory also, so if your hair is not only coarse but very unruly, it will have your hair behaving beautifully. The key is heat. This is not a repair treatment but even so, has the hair feeling that it has been repaired. The more coarse and dry hair is, the more soft and sumptuous the result.  The soft silky results this serum delivers to hair are phenomenal. Read the reviews!

Be Aware of Styling Products

Styling products like hairspray, mousse, and gels often containing alcohol and cause more dryness resulting in a coarse feel and in some cases damage, especially if heat is used over them. What’s more, they deliver stiff and sticky hair, the aim is to deliver soft hair, so nurture products should always be your focus.

What About Softening Coarse Gray Curls, Waves, & Textured Hair?

The same routine would apply to coarse curly gray hair. The serum however would change, choose a weightier serum and one that activates softness by allowing it to dry in naturally.  Rather than a silky softness search for a weightier serum that delivers a cashmere feel in the softness. My product suggestion is  Curl Revive. This is a high-performance nurture product, delivering no crackle, and no crunch just soft sumptuous nurtured curls. Nurture is the key to avoid coarse gray hair in all hair types no matter if curly or straight.

Ionic Hairdryers Help Soften Coarse Hair

Did you know that your hair tools can also be as effective as the products you choose in softening the hair shaft? Dyson hairdryers are known for the benefits of softening coarse textured hair because of their ionic flow of air.

If you combine the high-performance haircare as I have suggested with a hairdryer like the Dyson Supersonic dryer for extra measure, your hair will be transformed from coarse to sumptuous silk texture. It’s worth the investment.

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