How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off – FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS

You finally decided to get used to the idea that no, the scale is not crazy, you just exaggerated a little on desserts lately! Know that it is easy to regain control, to  lose weight quickly and surely, to get rid at the END of these 5 little excess pounds accumulated without realizing it. But then how to lose weight quickly ?

How to lose 5 pounds quickly, easily and … sustainably!

It is first of all very important to remember how useless it is to fall on a hunger strike to lose these extra pounds. Indeed, this method, which can be effective in the short term, will only make you lose muscle mass, and the weight gain will be almost immediate … hello yoyo effect !

Is diet the best solution to lose weight quickly?

It is indeed quite possible to lose 5 pounds by starving yourself, but this method is by no means a solution. In addition, imposing such a severe diet deprives the body of many nutrients essential for metabolism, which therefore forces it to eliminate muscle mass rather than fatty tissue.

Keto diet and Dr. Wahls diet are also a great way to lose weight quickly.

If you return to your eating habit after a certain period of food deprivation, the body will hasten to store the new intakes in the form of fat, in provisions and prevention of a possible future period of “starvation” .

In addition, making our body lose muscle tissue weakens the basic metabolism, that is, it will be more difficult to burn calories at rest, and this is not at all the desired effect.

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Maximum weight loss surgeries are done today using minimally intrusive techniques (laparoscopic surgery). The most common bariatric surgery processes are sleeve gastrostomy, gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band and biliopancreatic bypass with duodenal switch.

But to lose weight naturally, the first secret to losing a few extra pounds is to adapt your diet to your needs, and adopt a healthy and balanced eating habit (by eating light in the evening for example). Combine that with a little regular exercise, and the result will be guaranteed and quick!


Exercise N ° 1: cladding

For this first exercise, there are 3 categories of sheathing which have different virtues:

The central cladding:

Failing to perform series of abdominals of the “crunch” type which gain muscle mass in the area called “straight lines”, carrying out series of sheathing refines and tones the size and the entire abdominal belt, by burning fats.

The great effort required by this sheathing exercise demands a lot on the body which will expend a lot of energy during the realization.

How to proceed :

This bodybuilding exercise is also called “plank” , and rightly: position yourself in plank, knees on the ground and hands joined. With your back straight, legs and chest stretched, hold this position for one minute.

It is necessary to contract the abdominal muscles , as if you wanted to bring the belt closer to the navel: it is the belly that works, not the arms, nor the back!

Make 3 sets of one minute , pausing for one minute to recover between each set.

It is also important to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. You can also drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea daily, which has a draining and detox effect . But to be transparent, the best solution will always remain: physical exercise!

Exercise N ° 2: the movement of the spider

This exercise will make you move, sweat … and lose pounds of weight for sure!

How to proceed:

First, place yourself in the push-up position, legs, and back should be straight. Bring one knee close to the elbow, without putting your foot on the ground. The foot should be placed about 10 cm from the ground. Return the leg to the initial position, the feet should be side by side. Do the same movement with the other leg.

Repeat the movement 10 times per leg.

Exercise # 3: love squats

This exercise is, in my opinion, the most effective to refine, slim, toner and lose weight. The reason: it is an exercise that uses all of the muscles and requires a lot of energy. Therefore, the caloric expenditure is very effective.

During this exercise, the body releases norepinephrine and adrenaline, hormones that will attach and attack fat cells. By being regular and disciplined in this exercise, you will quickly notice weight loss; especially around the waist and at the buttocks.

Exercise N ° 4: the invisible chair exercise

And here is a classic exercise that is very effective in losing weight and getting thinner. The goal is like when exercising the plank, to stay in one position as long as possible to work the muscles that are called upon to hold it.

Exercise N ° 5: the pumps

The famous, classic pumps that we all hate; and into a nightmare, This is because it requires a huge effort, but it is time to face them and play them down. Know that the more you train, the more you will feel comfortable in this exercise, the more weight loss you gain. Because as difficult as this exercise can be, the margin of progress feels very quickly, you will improve very quickly.

In addition, the difficulty/efficiency ratio of the pumps exercise is also very proven: so we start!