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Hoping to warn prospective lip-filler patients to do their research before choosing a provider, 25-year-old Louise Smith is speaking out about her traumatizing lip-filler experience in a recent article by The Sun.

Smith’s pre-Christmas salon treatment left her with lips that were not only painful to the touch, but looked the part, too. After being filled with 1.1 ml of filler, Smith tells The Sun it was upsetting to even look in the mirror. “It looked like I’d been punched in the face quite a few times, they were just horrible.”

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In an attempt to control the swelling, the UK-born patient tried to massage her lips, but said it hurt too much to even touch them. “It really hurts because the lumps in my lips are so solid, big and really deep…There’s one the size of a jellybean and the rest are about the size of a bb bullet—there are loads of them on the inside of my mouth.” While massaging the lips won’t cause an adverse reaction, Miami dermatologist Dr. Deborah Longwill says that it’s important to “contact your doctor for medical treatment if swelling occurs before you do anything.”

Dr. Longwill also explains that lip fillers should not cause this type of pain. “Lip fillers are a non-invasive treatment and people do not typically categorize lip fillers as being painful,” she says. “Before injecting, we apply numbing cream. In addition, there is lidocaine within the product which numbs the area while injecting. Lip fillers shouldn’t be unbearable, but it may depend on pain tolerance. In my opinion, they are typically not that painful. The mild discomfort is worth the result.”

According to The Sun, “Louise opted for the cheap procedure after seeing a Facebook advert claiming to be from an experienced practitioner.” Advertising the inexpensive deal as a “Christmas offer,” the provider claimed she was new to the area and hoping to build up a client base.

“It is important to research your practitioner to ensure that you will receive the results that you are looking for and that you will receive true product for a natural beautiful look,” says Dr. Longwill. “Some points to keep in mind when researching: credentials, experience with fillers, type of fillers they use, reviews, and recommendations. It is important to check credentials and to make sure you are receiving truthful information and product. A board-certified doctor that is educated in cosmetic injectables would choose products that are FDA cleared, suitable for the areas being treated, and are trained to leave you with natural beautiful results.”

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