Fashion Week 2020, Get Cooking! – OWNSKIN – Fashion Chef

Time for some Fashion Chef, as we are hungry! A few days ago there was a poll on our Facebook page, wich no one voted for, you cheap people. Anyhow, the poll was about our next dish, at Fashion Chef. Makeup or hairstyle. Since I am the only one that put a vote towards it, I am fully entitled to make a choice. So, I will cook both at the same time. Sounds interesting? Find out more next week. Bye Bye!  Just kidding. But still, you did not vote! Back on the heat, with all the fashion week 2020 fever going on, I have a lot of choices to pick from. We have some good ones, some weird / hell no ones, and some pure, simple WTF ones.

The pot is hot, the oil is sizzling, let`s fry some suckers.

Let us start with WTF. Like, literally.

Bam! In your face! For real, look at the crowd, notice how they are all tilting their heads back? That is what I call a hairstyle with a kick. It makes you stand out, alone. Because everyone will be running for their lives.

Now ignore the outfit. I know it seems impossible but keep practicing, you will get the hang of it. Focus on her face, and see your fears come to life. A swarm of bugs yelling we are legion, for we are many! As for the makeup, what can I say? It seems the haircut is bleeding with the tears of the frightened crowd.

Flaps to 0, gear up! Cruising altitude of WTF feet. Let`s ship this thing out of here!

Hairstyle? Hold my mochaccino! 

This is how you get it done right. Simple, natural makeup with discrete lipstick. The hair falls great, in an apparently careless braid. The neck scarf completes the entire set, contouring the awesomeness of a romantic look.

Is it hair? Nooooo! Is it a hood? Nooooo! WTF is it? 

We all love braids. At least sometimes. But we like them when people actually know that they are braids. But when your hairstyle might pass as a hood, it doesn`t make you a fashion post, more like a vigilante.

There is still something interesting about this, but it is a wee bit too much. I understand creativity and I encourage it, but not till the point where it strangles you. Physically speaking.

My Lord Elrond! The humans are forsaking us!

Luckily, pointy ears are missing. The hairstyle is stunning! Got that mystical vibe to it, with a thin braid behind the ear. It simply flows in a clean, perfect sense of things. The same simple, natural makeup fits again. I would definitely try this one out. After I cook it, of course!

 Step down, we have a bleeder! 

Seriously, her brain is bleeding. Has no one noticed? It looks like curacao. C`mon, what the F? Why did you have to ruin it? If you take that constipated rocket trail of her hair, it`s actually a really cute hairstyle. Why did you have to ruin it?

Doctor Greenthumb! Paging Doctor Greenthumb!

I need assistance. My colon is running down my face and I don`t really know why anyone would do that. Ehm, guys? Braids go behind your head, you know? The back of the neck? Location! Location Location! This sort of crap will flag you at airports and there will be some cavity searching to find that missing colon.

That was all for now, folks! Fashion week 2020 hairstyles are far from being fully analyzed but the chef has finished and the dish was served. As usual, time for bleaching. Love ya and remember to follow our Facebook page if you like us. And Insta, Pinterest, Twitter and so on. We are some major shit going on.


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