Fashion Game – Ease The Style Crave in Quarantine – OWNSKIN

Quarantine and social isolation have not changed much. It still sucks. No more fashion week, no more events covered in style. Until those babies are back, a good idea would be to have your own fashion empire. Start virtual with some cool fashion game. I never played these before but I did my homework! And in the entire pandemic crisis, it actually seems like a good idea. I have narrowed it down to a few that look promising. I know what I`ll be doing tonight.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

I can`t say that I`m a Kardashian fan. The only thing I envy her for is the number of followers on her Instagram account. Wich, I probably could reach quite fast but I refuse to pose with my ass sticking out. Anyway, back to the subject in matter.

The game requires the creation of an avatar, who must go through a Hollywood path to the highest positions. We have many options for making a character unique in the context of clothing and makeup. Premium items can be bought for real money.

Discover customizing tools, including the real Kim Kardashian template option. The user will interact with well-known persons, greatest fans, and annoying paparazzi during the gameplay. Three career development options are available: actresses, top models, or fashion designers, as well as three locations (LA, NYC, and Miami). In each location, users need to visit famous clubs, boutiques with the highest prices and luxury villas, meeting celebrities and building connections. The flirt is welcome. The role-playing component evolves with improving the tree of skills, improving reputation, which further will lead to an increase in income, buying new pieces of clothing, real estate, and so on.

The game is available for both Android and IOS

Fabulous – Angela’s Fashion Fever

This fashion game doesn`t have a very happy idea behind it. Apparently, Angela was ready to give up on her dreams after being cheated on by her husband and losing her job. Ok, pause it there for a second. Seriously? That’s the best you could come up with? How about just wanting to become a fashion designer? Sigh…

A famous fashion queen picks Angela to be one of seven finalists in the contest to take over her crown! Angela revels in a world of glamorous parties, fancy hotels, and sneaky hookups with her celebrity crush. But beneath the glittering surface, Angela’s idol Truly is hiding a bitter secret.

Game features: – Dress up for the 2nd season of Fabulous, brought to you by the award-winning creators of Delicious – Play 61 time management story levels, 29 challenges and become a shining fashion star – Travel to exciting places all over the world and meet celebrities – Help Angela design beautiful clothes to style her models in the world’s biggest fashion contest ever

– Get inspired for your own wardrobe by all those fabulous looks and the latest fashion trends

The game is available for Android and IOS

Star Girl

I must admit this fashion game has a very promising description, which is a bad sign, usually. But I will not try it first and tell you how it is. Hell no! If I suffer, you all suffer!

Here is what this is all about. In the beginning, it is just a girl with ambitions that later on turns into this luxurious super celebrity. Chose from three professions: model business, music, or cinema acting. Root elements of the gameplay are buying all for the image and meeting with other celebrities to make connections. The game surprises with a huge catalog of clothes to get. Each piece of clothing is quality traced and detailed, which creates a special charm to the gaming process in general.

I will definitely give this one a try. It is available for Android and IOS

Have fun, ‘ma girls!