Dyson Cordless Straightener, Finally Available Today! – OWNSKIN

Ok, girls! The Universe has put it`s shit in order and brought us today the new Dyson Corrale cordless straightener. You heard me. Cordless! That means no wires jumping at us, trying to choke us. Call me demanding, I don`t care. I want one. Must have my precious! I doubt I’m the only one. Today, Dyson officially launched the Corrale Straightener, the brand’s third hair tool and perhaps its most anticipated. 

Straighteners changed a lot over time. They got slimmer and sexier but that is pretty much it. It is the same piece of hot iron that you clamp and slide over your hair. Also, it is the most damaging hot tool of all. So Dyson wanted to find a way to make straightening safer for your hair.

Dyson Corrale Is the First Straightening Iron With Flexible Plates

The plates are the main innovation. Unlike traditional straighteners, Dyson Corral has flexible metal plates that are made up of six different metals and also feature tourmaline edges to help reduce static. Additionally, the plates are calibrated to close snuggly around the exact width of your hair ( which is 65 microns in case you were wondering – just bragging).

The plates are truly flexible. Separated from the iron, you can bend them back and forth. How do flexible plates make this a safer and more efficient hot tool? Well, it started with the Dyson engineers trying to find out what exactly makes straightening irons so bad for your hair, and it all came down to the plates themselves — and, well, physics.

Why Is It Cool?

Dyson Corrale new Cordless Straightener is awesome for several features. The lithium-ion battery provides 30 minutes of cord-free styling. Also, Dyson cordless straightener can be used in hybrid mode by attaching the magnetic cord. In 40 minutes, the battery will be 90-percent charged.

The straightener features three heat settings — 165, 185, and 210. That is celsius. For Fahrenheit freaks, that is 329, 365, and 410. There is also constant communication between the platinum sensor in the tool and the plates. The sensor measures the temperature 100 times per second. The heat setting you choose primarily depends on your hair type — the thicker and coarser your texture is, the higher you will need the heat — but also what kind of style you want.

Dyson has incorporated some important features to keep you from burning yourself or setting the house on fire. The plates are recessed, so if you accidentally touch the sides of the iron, you won’t singe your fingers. There’s a button that tells you whether or not the plates are still hot, and it also comes with a heat-proof pouch that allows you to stash your iron in a bag immediately after using it.

The Dyson Corrale Straightener will be available starting 10 March 2020 at dyson.co.uk and will cost £399.