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We love CHI Haircare for their myriad of hair tools and styling products, but the hair-centric brand recently widened their product selection with the introduction of their new Graphene Sneaker Collection, inspired by the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol of good health and energy.

The now-hybrid brand offers a wide variety of footwear options ranging from sandals to sneakers, but what struck us the most was the material behind the designs. According to CHI, graphene is the secret ingredient. “[Graphene is a] razor-thin honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms that is 200 times stronger than steel, but extremely lightweight, [and] protects consumers from a host of foot problems including bacteria, poor circulation, sweat, odor and foot fatigue,” reads a release. Even more, the brand’s GraphTech foam also contains acupressure points to help massage the foot while walking to provide better circulation and fight fatigue.

CHI Haircare’s efforts to create the most advanced technology in their footwear sounds a bit familiar, as the hair-styling pioneer has already revolutionized the industry with their utilization of cutting-edge technology. The latest launch, the Lava 2.0 styling iron, also harnesses this aspect, as it was built with modern German engineering to reduce damage, increase shine and reduce frizz in just one pass. It also harnesses a brand-new ergonomic design and a touch-sensitive display with 31 different heat settings. If this isn’t cutting-edge, we don’t know what is!

Crafted with the most unique materials, like Italian fine leather, phantom microfiber and elastic rubber, these new shoes are made for more than just looks, and we can’t wait to try them on.

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