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There’s a new decade in town (again), and it’s giving the ’90s a run for its money. As we know very well, all things ’90s have dominated fashion for quite some time now, to the point that we’ve pretty much been through every trend by now—from scrunchies to slip dresses. But like it or not, a new decade is here to potentially eclipse the popularity of the ’90s: the swinging ’60s. Ultimate aesthetic goal? The Brady Bunch and Bewitched.

Those retro florals, wavy mirrors, shaggy rugs, mushroom prints, and shades of orange, brown, and yellow that you’ve been seeing all over Instagram are not a fluke. The fashion of the ’60s was colorful and fun, tailored yet relaxed, and home décor was equally “groovy”, not holding back when it came to color combinations and curved lines. It’s all very uplifting and Instagrammable, which says something about why people are embracing the distinctive decade now. 

During the pandemic, dressing up has obviously gone by the wayside, and people are missing it more and more. It explains why the bold, experimental fashion of the ’60s is gaining such popularity these days, and décor is a natural extension of that. While we’re spending so much time at home, it’s only natural to want to infuse some personality into our space and make them a place we want to be all day every day. 

Keep reading to see the 2021 evidence of the return of the 1960s and shop the chicest groovy pieces on the market—for your closet and home.

This psychedelic print is a big departure from the grunge look of the ’90s. When a print is this fun, you might as well wear it on your feet too. A leather trench is the perfect complement to a groovy-print dress. Twiggy would definitely approve. Start preparing your swimsuit collection—’60s-inspired prints will be all the rage at the beach. If you want lots of ’60s inspo, Alyssa Coscarelli has really nailed the vibe. Fashion people are losing it over this wavy checkerboard print right now—rightly so. Now is the time to get yourself a pair of go-go boots. Of course Gucci is partly responsible for 2021’s new It decade. This dress nails the trend. Hurry and order this sweater before it sells out (because it will). I need this jacket in my life, for obvious reasons. Rixo’s spring collection is filled with pretty retro pieces like this midi dress. To this I say, why not? This dress is a feast for the eyes. She’s cute, isn’t she? Happy house shoes are an excellent idea. Proof that layering pieces don’t have to be boring. Bella Hadid has mushroom earrings so now I want mushroom earrings. Your feet deserve to have fun too. If you love ’60s styles, you should be shopping Paloma Wool. Elsa Hosk’s new house is a retro-design lover’s dream. The more crochet and shag carpet the better. We love to see the checkerboard. And suddenly, I want a mushroom stool. This side table is one of the many ’60s-inspired gems hiding at Urban Outfitters. Yes, the mushroom lamp trend is still going (very) strong. Believe it or not, I found this gem of a rug on Amazon. Yep, this is the mirror you’re seeing all over Instagram these days. At $40, this mushroom stool is low commitment, high reward. The most Instagrammable candles that ever were. This is the fun little table I just added to my office. Etsy is a goldmine for ’60s accessories and furniture—case in point.

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